June 7, 2009

Julio Lugo Speaks Out

Julio Lugo says his leg feels fine and he is satisfied with his range at shortstop. But he is annoyed at the media and frustrated at not playing every day.
[W]hatever the managers put out there, that's what you have to do, because if they don't put me in there, I can't go take my glove and at 7:05 just run to the shortstop. I have to wait until they put me in, and I'm not going to stress it. ...

It's tough. I mean, nobody wants to be booed -- not me, not anybody -- and sometimes the only person who knows what's going on and why you miss a ball is you, because you're the only one out there. You know what happened. Those fans, they just want you to make the play. They don't understand sometimes that you make an effort. At the same time, I ain't making excuses, not at all. I ain't making excuses. It's not fair to anyone, not me, anybody. If you try to make a play like that and you get destroyed by [the media] the next day, it's not fair.

I mean, you guys can say whatever you want. I can take it. I'm a human being, I got feelings, but I can take it because you know what, I go out there, I work my [behind] off. ... I love Boston, man. I love it. There's nowhere else you want to play. I love it. And I tell you the truth, I think fans will be OK with me. I signed here because they want to see Julio Lugo hitting the ball, going crazy making plays. Sometimes you deserve to be booed, sometimes you don't. But I love it here.
[T]he last thing I'm ever going to do is sit and pick a player's game apart publicly, because it doesn't help us. [The media is] good at it, anyways. ... Players, I don't know it's always fair to ask them to self-evaluate. That's our job. They're going out there trying to win. So, on the flip side, we do what we think is right, and we tell them, because I think it's fair. That's kind of how we've always done it. They don't always have to agree. ...

I don't know what I envision [at shortstop in the future], to be honest with you. We're trying to win. We're trying to balance now with down the road. [I'm] not saying I don't respect a media person's opinion. As a media person, you can have an opinion right now. If you're wrong, you can change it next week. Sometimes we need to not just jump at an opinion, and try to see things through.


Zenslinger said...

We all know it's sometimes possible to make a person look bad by quoting selectively from what they say in an interview. This is one of those cases (Sarah Palin also comes to mind) in which the interviewee is at his worst when you just give their whole performance, unexpurgated.

Translation: "I'm all fucked up but I'm going to try to express confidence anyway."

L-girl said...

Very true, Zen!

Remember when Clemens constantly complained about being quoted out of context or misquoted, so some Boston media quoted him word for word?

redsock said...

In the early 90s, the Herald had a regular feature called "The World According to Roger" -- where his post-game comments would be printed verbatim.

andy said...

Shut the fuck up Julia. I hope you search for comments about you and see this. You got real lucky that you hit real good in your contract year and you got signed by a team that has notoriously sucked at signing a SS. Why did you think you would be different? You sucked, you had a good year maybe even an alright year before that and you cashed in. Take your money and go. Bye.

L-girl said...

"Shut the fuck up Julia."

Oh man, I'd rather see the word cunt 100 times over than see this once.

Using a woman's name to show how stupid and weak someone is... highly offensive!



(I don't make the rules here, I just occasionally enforce them.)

andy said...

It has been a while since I offended you. Yes it was wrong. It was hurried. I will be better next time. Sorry to all women, the stronger sex.

L-girl said...

Thanks Andy, you're a real cunt.

redsock said...

Louis CK

L-girl said...

That is great!!!!

I love the little thing he does with his fingers, tickling the imaginary genitalia.

The whole bit is brilliant. You know I agree with him about "the N word".