June 15, 2009

Off-Day Outtakes: Guns N' Roses, AC-DC

Guns N' Roses
Appetite for Outtakes
Disc 1
[Hollywood Rose 1981 Demos; Axl/Izzy]
01 Shadow Of Your Love
02 My Way - Your Way (aka Anything Goes)
03 Wreckless (aka Reckless Life)
04 Unknown Song #1
[1986 Early Studio Demos]
05 Welcome To The Jungle #1
06 Out Ta Get Me
07 Anything Goes
08 Ain't Goin' Down (aka Meet & Beer Jam)
09 Don't Cry
10 Back Off Bitch
11 Shadow Of Your Love
12 Welcome To The Jungle #2
13 Fucking Crazy (aka You're Crazy)
14 November Rain (acoustic guitar version)
15 November Rain (piano version)
[Appetite For Destruction Rehearsals 1986-87]
16 Reckless Life
17 Move To The City

Disc 2
01 Ain't Goin' Down (aka Meet & Beer Jam)
02 Welcome To The Jungle
03 Nightrain
04 Paradise City
05 My Michelle
06 Think About You
07 You're Crazy
08 Anything Goes
09 Rocket Queen #1
10 Rocket Queen #2
11 Don't Cry
12 Back Off Bitch
13 Move To The City (acoustic)
14 Jumpin' Jack Flash (acoustic)
15 Heartbreak Hotel
16 Mama Kin
17 Jumpin' Jack Flash (electric)

Disc 3
["Live Like A Suicide" Recording Sessions;
Original Version Without Audience Noise]

01 Reckless Life
02 Nice Boys
03 Move To The City
04 Mama Kin
05 Shadow Of Your Love
06 Heartbreak Hotel
07 Jumpin' Jack Flash
[Use Your Illusion: Early Demos]
08 Bad Obsession
09 Too Much Too Soon
10 Sentimental Movie
11 Crash Diet
12 Unknown Demo #1
13 The Garden
14 Just Another Sunday
15 Bring It Back Home
16 Unknown Demo #2
17 Yesterdays
18 Crash Diet
Blow Up Your Video - 1987 Demos
01  That's The Way I Wanna Rock And Roll
02 Heatseeker
03 Let It Loose
04 Alright Tonight
05 She's My Babe
The last three tracks have never appeared on an AC-DC album in any form. Track 5 from Ballbreaker sessions (1995).


9casey said...


SoSock said...

Not much of a GnR fan, the ACDC I can get into.
My daughter, on the other hand, would surely go places Daddy's don't even want to hear about whenever she heard Axl & Co. She was 12-14 when they hit their high mark and you know how those years are for teenage girls.
Speaking of music - missed the game thread last night because I went to see ELVIS COSTELLO!
He was great, played mostly stuff from the new bluegrass-oriented album, although not much of it would qualify as straight bluegrass. Ensemble was him on a flat-top (except 2 or 3 songs that he brought out the electric for), a violin, dobro, mandelin, stand-up double bass, another flat-top/12-string player, and an ACCORDIAN of all things. The bass and the mandelin carried the rhythm, no percussion.
Very cool show. Made my day personally by including TWO dead songs. OK, The Race Is On is actually an old standard, but still. Did a Lou Reed tune also.
Off to see more tonight, much lower key - my friends Dan & Dustin from Big Daddy Love who do acoustic Mondays at a local watering hole. Google 'em, BDL that is. They're not Elvis, but they're pretty cool too.

redsock said...

There is hardly any unreleased AC-DC out there. There was some Bon stuff -- early versions of various songs, including a bunch from Highway To Hell, but a lot of that was put onto the Bonfire box set.

GNR made one good album and that was Appetite. Actually, it's a fuckin' great album. At the time, I thought it was better than the nerf metal of its era, but was still very derivative. I don't think that so much now. It's ridiculous how strong it is from start to finish. And I couldn't care less about anything else they have done. Even the stuff I liked from Illusion I when it came out sounds forced now.

I was thinking of trimming the GNR set down to those songs and not including the Illusion stuff (and who the hell needs to hear those guys doing JJ Flash?), but figured I'd up it as is.

Costello has had an amazing career, though I can't say I am much of a fan of most of it (outside of the very early stuff). I'm not sure I've latched onto anything he's does since King of America.

The TV show he is doing now sounds wildly fascinating, though.

L-girl said...

ACDC is fun. I hate GnR.

L-girl said...

"Costello has had an amazing career, though I can't say I am much of a fan of most of it (outside of the very early stuff). I'm not sure I've latched onto anything he's does since King of America."

Like Allan, I still love EC's early stuff, then I like some stuff here and there (King of America, Blood and Chocolate, when I'm in the right mood). I admire his willingness to go all over the place musically and try so many different things.

I will never for the life of me understand acoustic Elvis Costello, though. I find it either boring or excruciating. But many people love his music that way, so there you go.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, finally two bands I like, though I kinda like U2. GNR didn't really do anyhting with there covers, they just did the song worse. AC-DC best band ever, how does there old albums compare to Black Ice?

redsock said...

GNR didn't really do anyhting with there covers, they just did the song worse.

True. Knockin' on Heaven's Door makes me yearn for the sweet sound of Michael Kay's voice. The Spaghetti CD had its moments, though.

I haven't *really* liked an AC-DC album in forever. RnR Train is good (well, the chorus is, anyway), maybe Big Jack.

But Black Ice flat out sucks compared to Highway to Hell and Back In Black, even FTATR.

I could probably make a kick-ass album by picking songs from the last 25 years.

Yeah, finally two bands I like

I did ask for requests...