June 12, 2009

Please, Mr. Henry, Mr. Henry, Please

Drop by a JoS Game Thread!


Only minutes after last night's win over the Yankees, Red Sox owner John Henry posted to his Twitter account: "The MT curse?"

In a subsequent email to Sean McAdam, Henry explained re Mark Teixeira: "Purely entertainment; nothing more. I don't believe in curses."

Two hours later, Henry posted: "Journalists emailing about curses. Does anyone really believe in curses except Dan?"


Ish said...

Goodness! I reformat my computer, come back and it looks like the whole world has changed!

And my computer's running a lot better! :>)

Ish said...

Meant to put that in the latest post but who cares. Either way, I said this last night and I'll say it again: John Henry on Twitter = awesome.