August 31, 2009

Off-Day Outtakes: Rolling Stones

Place Pigalle - 1971-1981

Disc 1
01 Drift Away
02 Slow Down And Stop
03 Living In The Heart Of Love
04 Fast Talking
05 Separately
06 Waiting On A Friend
07 You Should Have Seen Her Ass
08 Save Me
09 Wind Call
10 Tops
11 I Got A Letter
12 Act Together
13 Slave
14 Do You Really Think I Care
15 Black Limousine
16 Everlasting Is My Love
17 I Need You

Disc 2
01 Everlasting My Love
02 No Spare Parts
03 Hang Fire
04 Black Limousine
05 Everlasting Is My Love
06 So Young
07 Some People Tell Me
08 When You're Gone
09 Munich Hilton
10 You Don't Have To Go
11 Shame Shame Shame
12 After Hours
13 Armpit Blues
14 You Win Again
15 Do You Get Enough
16 Sheep Dip Blues
17 Worried About You

Disc 3
01 Everything Is Turning To Gold
02 Fuji Jim
03 Light Up
04 What Gives You The Right
05 Los Trios Guitaros
06 Stay Where You Are
07 Dancing Girls
08 Broken Head Blues
09 Up Against The Wall
10 Broken Toe
11 Golden Caddy
12 Golden Caddy
13 Dancing Girls
14 Disco Muzic
15 Still In Love
16 The Way She Held Me Tight
17 It's A Lie
18 Never Make Me Cry

Disc 4
01 Piano Instrumental
02 Linda Lou
03 Sweet Home Chicago
04 Dancing Girls
05 Muck Spreading Dub
06 Petrol Gang
07 Never Let Her Go
08 Guitar Lesson
09 Never Make Me Cry
10 It's All Wrong
11 Never Too Into
12 It's Cold Down There
13 It's Cold Down There
14 Guess I Should Know
15 Heaven
16 Neighbours
17 Slave
18 Waiting On A Friend


L-girl said...

Oo, some great stuff in here!

A past Stone in the news.

Daniel said...

Where can this album be had? I need it!

redsock said...

Click on Disc 1, Disc 2, etc. and download the zip mp3 files.

Linked songs are mp3 samples.

tim said...

Interesting. I'll be downloading this today...I think I recognize like one, maybe two, song titles there.

But this was a good era for the band so I'm interested to hear this stuff.

redsock said...

Tim, there is so much stuff out there from them from the late 70s. Much more than this!

I already have the music post for the 10th scheduled to go. We'll be away, so I got it ready along with this one. It's the Stones again -- though this time you will recognize all the song titles!

redsock said...

Although this stuff, as the second jpg shows, is from 71 or 72, not just the 77-80 time period.