September 1, 2009

Call-Ups: Kottaras, Anderson, Gathright, Woodward, Tazawa

The first group of September call-ups:
C George Kottaras
OF Brian Anderson
OF Joey Gathright
INF Chris Woodward
P Junichi Tazawa
Other possible call-ups are: Jed Lowrie, Michael Bowden and Josh Reddick.

Also: Daisuke Matsuzaka will start for Pawtucket at home on Friday night. ... Brad Penny signed with the Giants.

The Red Sox hit 50 homers in August. The only months in club history with more dongs are July 2003 (55) and July 1964 (53). ... Kevin Youkilis is the ninth Red Sox player to have 30+ doubles in four straight seasons.
Citing the fact that "Since the wild card was first used in 1995, no team in either league with at least a three-game lead on Sept. 1 has missed the playoffs", John Tomase writes that the Red Sox -- who lead the WC by 4 games -- are a lock for the playoffs: "[M]ake no mistake about it."

Amalie Benjamin is a bit more skeptical, noting the Red Sox's regular season record of 2-13 at Tampa in 2008-09 and stating "a large chunk of Boston's [wild card] lead could be gone by Friday".


FenFan said...

The turning point in this series - and the season - may be how well Beckett pitches in the second game on Wednesday.

Seeing that he's given up 12 dongs in his last four starts and that his last three appearances have been, shall we say, far from what he gave us from May onward, he needs to have his statement game NOW.

What better opportunity to prove Tomase right?

Rob said...

Tomase is a dumb shit who should have his hands cut off so he can't write anymore dumb shit - but I hope he's right.