September 29, 2009

Good News For Beckett And Lester

The upper left side of Josh Beckett's back stiffened up on Sunday night and the Red Sox decided to be extra-cautious.

Terry Francona:
I think he thought he'd wake up, take a hot shower and go about his business. When that didn't happen, he called me and John Farrell, and it wasn't a real difficult decision ... He could have [pitched], but it didn't seem like today was the day to do that.
A little bit of rest before the ALDS cannot be a bad thing, either. The Red Sox won't disrupt their pitching rotation this week; Beckett will simply make his scheduled start on Saturday.

Jon Lester threw a 55-pitch session on flat ground yesterday.
I felt fine. No problems. Just the normal long tossing and everything. ... I felt good this morning when I woke up and walking around and everything. But there's that question in your mind, "OK, when I get on the mound, is it going to bug me?" And it didn't. Everything was good. I'm sure [starting on] Thursday is fine.
Mike Lowell received an injection of cortisone and Synvisc in his right hip and will be out for the next three days or so.


Benjamin said...

And Texas lost last night, so the Sox's magic number for the wild card is reduced to 1 despite all the consecutive losses.

Amy said...

Maddy hopes to be at the game tonight, if she can get off early from work. If so, and if the Sox win, it will be the closest I will have ever gotten to being at a game where the Sox clinched something. At least some of my DNA will be there!