September 11, 2009


When tonight's game is made up on Sunday, it will be a new game. Jon Lester's 24 pitches on Friday night -- and the three Tampa hits -- "never happened".
Saturday, 7 PM: Josh Beckett / Wade Davis

Sunday, 12 PM: Clay Buchholz / Matt Garza

Sunday, 5 PM: Jon Lester / James Shields
Daisuke Matsuzaka will start on Tuesday, taking Paul Byrd's spot (for now).


Patrick said...

The bases won't be loaded with one out? Are you sure? That sounds friggin excellent to me.

Amy said...

Still raining here in Boston. Let's see if they get today's game in...

tim said...

Huh, looks like they've altered the rules since last year. Or maybe its not a rule, just a decision made on a case-by-case basis.

Whatever, still bitter about my attending the 8pm game. Oh well, at least I saw a walk-off win, not Mussina's 20th.

Still raining, amy?! We had shitty weather last night but nice clear skies now! Only 50 though...summer is officially over. Even though it only began about 2 weeks ago. Sigh.

Rob said...

Raining here... Raining in Boston... But 5.5 hours until game time. I say no worries.