September 28, 2009

Lester Believes He'll Make His Thursday Start

Jon Lester will likely not throw his usual side session, but seems on track to make his next start, against Cleveland on Thursday night.
It still hurts, but it will be all right, it's not swollen. Just a little red mark right now. ... If swelling comes back or gets worse ... that's when I won't be able to pitch. Hopefully with movement and activity it won't swell up.
Since joining the Red Sox, Victor Martinez has played in 49 of Boston's 53 games, hitting .335 with 35 RBI. His 25-game hitting streak -- the longest of his career -- ended yesterday. He has also quickly become a leader in the clubhouse.

Odd: Daniel Bard has allowed five home runs this year. Four of them have come in his six appearances against the Yankees. ... Paul Byrd, while not scheduled to start any of the remaining seven games in the regular season, is a possible choice for the last spot in the pen, as are Michael Bowden and Manny Delcarmen.

Tito on Hideki Okajima's acupuncture treatment:
He really believes in the acupuncture and he's done it many times in the past with this certain guy, which I'm glad he's not just going out to 7th Street and doing that.
"Facts are facts", Jonathan Papelbon said, the Yankees "have the best team in the American League East". But he and several teammates stressed that getting into the post-season by any means is the most important thing.

David Ortiz: "I was a wild card once and got a World Series [ring]. That means I don't care." Flo did hope to pop some corks for clinching the WC at Yankee Stadium:
Damn, man. It gives the carpet a smell a few days later. It kills me. That's why I want to do it here.
Maybe he can soak the floor after winning the pennant on October 24 or 25.

It reminds me of what Doug Mirabelli said when the Red Sox walked into the visitors clubhouse at Yankee Stadium for their first game in 2005: "It still smells like champagne in here."

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