September 10, 2009

Off-Day Outtakes: Rolling Stones - Some Girls

Some Girls is easily my second favourite Stones album, after Exile On Main Street.

A lot of Stones studio recordings from the late 70s circulate on a dizzying amount of overlapping collections, which are cobbled together with little rhyme or reason.

I have gathered the outtakes I have of the album's 10 songs. I'm hesitant to say this set is complete -- especially since I found a few late additions a couple of weekends ago (and some take #s are missing) -- but it's close.

Disc 1
Miss You II 11:44
Miss You III 7:27
Miss You IV 9:24
When The Whip Comes Down I 9:55
When The Whip Comes Down II 7:23
When The Whip Comes Down III 10:31
Just My Imagination I or II 2:45
Just My Imagination III 7:12
Just My Imagination IV 6:51

Disc 2
Some Girls I 6:29
Some Girls II 5:14
Lies I 3:41
Lies II 4:14
Lies III 3:49
Far Away Eyes I 4:36
Far Away Eyes II 5:33
Respectable I 3:52
Respectable III 3:49
Before They Make Me Run I 4:34
Before They Make Me Run IV 3:18
Beast Of Burden I 5:05
Shattered I 3:23
Shattered II 3:46

Miss You (8-Track/+ :52) 5:40
Far Away Eyes (Single/- :47) 3:37
Beast Of Burden (8-Track/+ :46) 5:11
Shattered (Single/- 1:08) 2:39
The last four are different edits of the LP tracks, which were either released as 45s or included on 8-track. I have noted the approximate differences in time.

11 comments: said...

This is a great album and one that sometimes I forget about. Thanks for reminding me how killer it is, I will be turning it up LOUD tonight and am gonna throw it on the IPOD for my plane ride tomorrow...NICE!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet, man! Thanks!!

Douglas said...

For my money, there haven't been so many good albums after 'Let It Bleed'...but this is one of them. All good tracks, no fillers.

tim said...

Hells yeah, love this album. Another staple of my childhood.

laura k said...

Ahhh... my teenage years. Some Girls is the soundtrack of the late 70s (along with the Ramones and Talking Heads).

Also my second favourite, with Exile, as you know.


allan said...

Douglas -- with perhaps my fave avatar!

It's interesting to hear the very long versions of Miss You and Whip. You can hear parts that were clearly cut and used for the LP versions. The LP versions are not straight takes of 4 or 5 minutes or whatever, but were compiled from edited longer versions.

Also my second favourite, with Exile, as you know.

We may part company on #3 or #4, though!

laura k said...

There's a 3 and 4? :)

Jim Wexler said...

High school grad 1978 -- it was a soundtrack

But you left out sticky fingers, only rock and roll, even goats head soup

you werent there I think but this was a comeback album for them. Their first bst and only good one

allan said...

I don't see how IOR&R or GHS can even come within shouting distance of Some Girls.


allan said...

And I did say it was my #2 fave Stones album, not an attempt at placing it on an objective "best" list.

Re 3 and 4: L also knows I like Tattoo You far more than she does!

nick said...

I just played this record last week. thanks!