September 14, 2009


A great baby t-shirt*.
I'm thisclose to ordering one of these for myself.


(*: This is not an ad. A friend of ours, and a reader of L's blog,
sent her a link to it and she passed it on to me.)


Anonymous said...

L, I probably should of mentioned it to you when it was on Comedy Central last week, but then again why would you want to watch T.V. on vacation? It was great.

And, I'm defintely will order that shirt

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Ish, you were talking about how you hate cowbells. Well here in Alaska, our really only big minor league team The Alaska Aces give away cowbells every year, and every game there is at least 3,000 of them in a concrete arena.......

tim said...

lolz to the canada one

andy said...

I will buy one. I really thought this was gonna be a thread where you unveil the long awaited JOS t-shirt. I wasn't totally let down because this was an awesome t-shirt. But come on you are being mentioned on radio now. You were on satellite radio, your name is in space now. Time for a t-shirt?