September 30, 2009

Beckett Receives Three Partial Cortisone Shots

Josh Beckett was given three partial cortisone injections in trigger points around the muscle in his upper left back on Monday. Asked if would make his start on Saturday, Beckett said: "Absolutely."
It was about ten minutes before 1 AM in Boston when the Red Sox won the wild card, the team's sixth playoff appearance in the last seven years. By the end of the Angels' win over the Rangers in Anaheim most players were in the clubhouse watching the final outs. Then they celebrated.
Mike Lowell:
We'd rather do it on the field in front of the fans but we don't care how it comes. ... [T]his is just step one.
Lowell plans to take batting practice today with an eye towards playing on Thursday.

The Red Sox have lost seven of their last nine games. Michael Silverman notes that other title-winning teams have slumped on the eve of the playoffs: The 2000 Yankees finished the season 3-15; the 2002 Angels closed the season 5-8; and the 2006 Cardinals went 4-10 over their final two weeks. The 2004 Red Sox were 9-7 in their last 16 games and the 2007 team was 7-8 in the final two weeks.

Terry Francona and Victor Martinez were blunt in their assessments of Clay Buchholz's start last night.

I thought they were sitting soft, especially late in the count, when he got some changeups up. I thought they did a good job of picking out one speed. He was elevating a little bit, and they hit it a long way.
When you throw up and pretty much in the middle, I mean, I think anybody can hit those kind of pitches.
The Red Sox announced their minor league players of the year: Casey Kelly was the Pitcher of the Year and Ryan Kalish was named Offensive Player of the Year.


tim said...

"DSL Sox"

Sounds like some sort of internet package.

allan said...

SoSH comment:
"Gammons last night on Baseball Tonight said he heard that both Boston and Anaheim believe that the Yankees will chose the series that starts on Thursday, thus the Sox would be starting Wednesday."

This is contrary to what has been speculated about. It had been assumed the MFY would take Series A (Wed.).

They should have to choose soon. It doesn't matter who wins the Central; they will play the MFY.

allan said...

Sounds like some sort of internet package.

And now I edited that out and put a link to the Sox press release...

allan said...

I'm wrong.

The MFY have an hour to decide once the AL Central has been clinched by either the Tigers or Twins.

tim said...

Yup, could be as early as tomorrow night if Detroit wins both, could be as late as whenever Minnesota clinches if they beat Detroit twice (and they're tied for the central).

Tigers get the White Sox at home, Twins get the Royals at home for the final series. I want Detroit to win so we find out sooner, as well as get the chance to go to an ALCS game in the unlikely event that they beat MFY.

Oh and great news on the eve of the final series in Boston.

"You're all fired, but continue working for us for another 5 days"