September 22, 2009

Tazawa Ends Surprising Rookie Season

Junichi Tazawa's 2009 season is over. The rookie pitcher was placed on the 60-day disabled list with a left groin strain (suffered in Chicago on September 4).
I had no idea what to expect this year [his first professional experience after pitching in Japan's Industrial League in 2008]. But looking back on it, I had a better year than I could ever hope for, and looking back, I think it was a great year.
             G  GS   IP     H   BB   SO    ERA
Spring 5 0 9 5 1 10 1.00
Portland 18 18 98 80 26 88 2.57
Pawtucket 2 2 11.1 7 1 6 2.38
Boston 6 4 25.1 43 9 13 7.46
Terry Francona:
He's to be congratulated. He had an unbelievable year. I think what you'll see next year is you'll see a guy coming to camp that feels he belongs.
The Red Sox blew a chance to close the East gap to four games last night as the Yankees lost in Anaheim 5-2.

The best way to move forward is just play. There may come a time where we have to make a decision [about pushing for the division]. I guess I hope we do have to make a decision - that would mean that things have gone real well. But right now, no. ... There's no decision-making right now anyway.
Mike Lowell:
We'll know a lot more by Sunday night, and if it's logical that we have a legit chance, yeah, we should go for it, but in a very intelligent manner.
Chris Woodward is now the backup infielder as Nick Green is back to Boston for some tests on his weak right leg.


Zenslinger said...

I was pulling hard for Tazawa. Too bad he hit some growing pains, but I think he could be a very good #3 for us.

tim said...

Good start for the guy. Looking forward to seeing him continue working his way up towards the big leagues, and as zen said, a solid #3 guy.


Hey - if we still win out in KC and MFY get swept, we'll be 2.5 back. If we win out and MFY win 1/2 then it's only 3.5.

Not bad to be heading into a 3 game series with them. One thing is imperative though, we need to win every night.

I still think the east is within reach, but I'm willing to accept shutting it down once we clinch. Damn right I want the east and yankees to the wild card, buuuuut I don't want to burn out our players for october trying to get it.