September 19, 2009

Schadenfreude 92 (A Continuing Series)

It's been a little over two months since #91. That's too long.

George A. King III, Post:
Mariano Rivera walked out of the Yankees' clubhouse late last night with a chocolate ice cream cone in his right hand and a plastic bag in his other.
Isn't eating ice cream against The Girardi Rules?

Mark Feinsand, Daily News:
The Red Sox are coming! (Yawn)

The worry-warts are out in full force after the Yankees dropped another game in the standings on Friday night, slicing their lead over the Red Sox to six games.

I have one word for all the panicky Yankees fans out there: Chill. ...

If the Yankees go 6-9, they will finish with 100 wins. That means the Red Sox would have to go 13-3 to tie for the division lead. Give me a good reason why the Yankees will go 6-9 the rest of the way and we’ll continue the discussion.

Could it get closer than it is now? Absolutely. Are the Yankees in danger of collapsing? Hardly.
We shall see. In the meantime, sportswriters should really shy away from making grand predictions.
Fat Billy is on Twitter -- and his spelling skills are as string as ever:
August 17
Went to Coopetstown. Again congrats to Jim Ed, and Rickey. Signed 1,500 autos in 4 days for some cool fans.

September 17
Hate to hear that Roy O has to shut it down for the year. We need to get him string and heathy for next year!
The TCM makes fun of his former trainer Brian McNamee, usually referring to him only as "M". McNamee's response? "This R guy makes me look smart, which is hard to do."


allan said...

The Frank Burns reference is perfect!

Dr. Jeff said...

You probably saw this already, but....

laura k said...

It's been posted in at least one comment already. And maybe a post? Not sure. All the better to keep the trolls frothing.

9casey said...

It's only 5 in the loss column though