September 14, 2009

What Was Sox's Halladay Offer?

A National League scout told Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun that a Blue Jays scout told him the Red Sox offered six pitchers (Clay Buchholz, Justin Masterson, Daniel Bard, Michael Bowden, Felix Doubront, and Nick Hagadone) for Roy Halladay.

The NL scout said: "I have zero idea why they didn't take the Boston offer." ... Then he promptly gave two reasons. (Hoo-kay.) The Jays could not decide whether Masterson should be a a starter or a closer and "the Jays were worried about Halladay beating them next year".

Asked by email if that offer was correct, Theo Epstein replied: "Nope."

Over at ESPN Boston, Peter Gammons says the deal was Buchholz, Masterson, Bowden, Hagadone and Josh Reddick. Old Hickory quotes a Sox official: "We are very lucky Toronto didn't do that deal. For the short and long terms."

(Right after the trade deadline had passed, ESPN reported a deal fell apart because Boston would not deal both of Buchholz and Daniel Bard.)
Terry Francona slept at Fenway Park on Saturday night: "Got to tell you, though, I ran into [assistant equipment manager Pookie Jackson] coming out of the shower. That's about as bad a nightmare as you're going to see."
The Red Sox (7 GB in East, 4 GA in WC) are off today, but: Angels/Yankees (a make-up of a May 3 rainout) at 7 and A's/Rangers at 8.


MacLeodCartoons said...

The old cliche about the best deals being the ones you don't make - wow, does that seem true now, given Doc's problems since the ASB, and given HH's quality starts. It's a funny old game.

John said...

Go Angels, and Go A's!

allan said...

LAA: 010 010 010 - 3 8 1
MFY: 001 020 02x - 5 9 0

OAK: 000 003 420 - 9 12 0
TEX: 000 000 000 - 0 5 1

East: 7.5 GB
WC: 4.5 GA

tim said...


The third story on is using Wakefield to promote fucking SS propaganda.

Fucking army. LEAVE BASEBALL ALONE!!!!!

laura k said...

The third story on is using Wakefield to promote fucking SS propaganda.

Fucking army. LEAVE BASEBALL ALONE!!!!!

But imagine if a baseball player wanted to promote a peace group. Bringing politics into baseball!!11!zomg!!

You know Tim, you and I and everyone who is disgusted by this should complain. One simple, polite email from a few hundred people couldn't hurt.

Perhaps Allan will promote the idea... :)

tim said...

I will likely email, but do I have any faith that it will be taken seriously? No...

I'm sure it will go to some college temp who will spit back a pre-generated "Thank you for e-mailing your concerns" response.

If enough of us email, sure, it might prompt a higher-up to get involved. But I'm sure since part of his paycheck is funded by this propaganda, which the army undoubtedly paid a decent amount for, hes unlikely to do anything more than give us fucking hippies the brush off. ;-)

tim said...

I can't believe how there are excellent tickets available on for tonight's game.

This Jere fellow is a smart dude. Day-of-game they release the best seats!

I've tested his theory a few times this year, and its true. I could've gotten tickets in the 2nd row of the grandstand behind the sox dugout for tonight's game. Pretty decent seats if you ask me.

Nevertheless, the entire reason I'm saying all this about is cause today is the day to enter the ALDS ticket draw. I wasn't able to make it out to Boston this summer for a game, but my beginning of October schedule looks beautiful for a baseball game!

laura k said...

I think it's important to make our views known regardless of possible outcome. If we don't complain, there's no possibility of change.

Think of it as consumer activism.

tim said...

Definitely. And that's why I plan on bitching. People have a right to hear my opinion!

tim said...

That may have came across wrong, like I'm undermining the entire complaint.

Which is not at all what I was going for.

Sigh. Les are a cruel cruel forum sometimes.

laura k said...

Well, I knew what you meant, but I know you, oh steamer of spinach.

tim said...

hahaha, i had better stock up tonight for the likely ALDS preview.