September 3, 2009

Travel Day

Laura and I are off to New Mexico this morning for a nephew's wedding and a few days of exploring Santa Fe and the area to the north and west.

Ish will be your host for (mostly likely) all games through September 9.
T 0903 - Red Sox (Buchholz) at Rays (Price), 7 PM
F 0904 - Red Sox (Byrd) at White Sox (Garcia), 8 PM
S 0905 - Red Sox (Tazawa) at White Sox (Floyd), 4 PM
S 0906 - Red Sox (Lester) at White Sox (Danks), 2 PM
M 0907 - Red Sox (Beckett) at White Sox, 2 PM
T 0908 - Orioles at Red Sox (Buchholz), 7 PM
W 0909 - Orioles at Red Sox (Matsuzaka), 7 PM
T 0910 - Off-Day Outtakes
After pitching 8.1 innings of three-hit ball against Toronto, Clay Buchholz spoke candidly:
When I got up here and I was new to the big leagues, 'Tek put down a sign and I just grabbed it and threw it. That's where I got in trouble. Being hit a little bit and not knowing how to respond to it. Now I've evolved into a pitcher ... When I got up here, the adversity that I've never faced -- and didn't think I was going to face coming here -- was a big step for me. Being able to know what I want to throw after a pitch is made, and know what I'm going to throw the next pitch, is a huge thing for me ...
Buchholz also raved about Victor Martinez to ESPN's Amy K. Nelson:
He's been awesome so far for me. Little things go wrong and he'll come out and talk to you and he'll try and settle you down. ... It's nice for a catcher to be in the game as much as you are.
If you wanted to, you could read that as a slap at Jason Varitek, but I'll refrain, since Nelson was writing an article specifically about Martinez.


San Francisco Red Sox Fan said...

Ahh...New Mexico. Beautiful! Enjoy.

Bartman said...

What's with Penny and Smolz since leaving - three games with almost no earned runs? Is the so-called Senior Circuit that bad, or is something in the Boston water?