September 7, 2009

Red Sox Not Making Me Wish I Could Watch Their Games While On Vacation

Travel Observation #20: Hotels, motels and casitas that proudly claim to offer their guests a high-speed wireless internet connection are quite often wholly unable to actually deliver on that promise.

While in New Mexico, 95% of my Red Sox news has come in the form of a final score only. So I know that they have pissed away any chance they might have once possessed to win the East. The Yankees now lead the division by nine fookin' games. Boston holds a 2.5-game lead over the Rangers for the Wild Card. Which, I suppose, is really all I need to know.

For now, MLBTV remains a possibility for tomorrow night's game against Baltimore. And we discovered tonight that the Albuquerque Isotopes -- the Marlins' AAA team -- begin the Pacific Coast League playoffs at home Wednesday night against the Memphis Redbirds. Albuquerque is the city from which we are leaving early Thursday morning, so we may see some minor league ball before heading home.


Straddling the Border said...

Love the Isotopes name. Think I'll look up their logo. Have fun!

MLBlogger said...

have fun at the games

Benjamin said...

Sometimes in Chicago
The runs do not fall
And the media grouse
But if you hang on
Here's a meat ball
Right in your wheel house

Beat on us, when you're not strong
'Cause we're the O-Birds
We'll help you hit a dong
For, it's never too long long
Till Baltimore gives
Somebody to beat on