December 2, 2011

Papi And Puppies

(photo from Boston Globe gallery)

David Ortiz spent some time recently at Boston's Animal Rescue League, reminding people to adopt pets from shelters.
They begin getting familiar real fast. People, don't be afraid to take them home. They need a home.
The ARL, founded in 1899, adopts out about 3,500 pets each year.


laura k said...

Yeah Papi!! Muy bien!

Amy said...

Good for Papi! We adopted our first kitten from the Animal Rescue League back in 1975 when we moved to Boston. Her name was Kahlua because that was my drink of choice back then (Black Russians). I guess today I would have to name a pet Cosmo.

laura k said...

Cosmo is a great name for an animal! Maybe your next kitten. :)