December 9, 2011

Valentine Joins The Club: "I Hate The Yankees"

Bobby Valentine talks the talk: "I hate the Yankees. I don't want to waste this valuable time talking about the Yankees. ... I told Joe Girardi I used to love them and now I hate them."

Valentine has spoken to Josh Beckett: "I'm not going to say anything other than after he got through telling me how pissed off he was [that I criticized him on ESPN last year], we had a really good conversation."

The Red Sox have signed left-handed reliever Jesse Carlson, 30, who has pitched three seasons with Toronto. ... Brad Arnsberg, former pitching coach with the Marlins (when Beckett was with Florida), Blue Jays, and Astros, was interviewed by the Red Sox on Thursday. ... DeMarlo Hale is now the Orioles' third base coach. ... Erik Bedard signed with the Pirates.

A piece of candy from me to Bobby:

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Jere said...

Mr. Carlson? We'd have to have been out of our gourds not to jump on that move. For the record, he can really dial it up. I heard the Cincinnati manager had his eye on him, too. He better play well or Boston will eat him alive like a venus fly trap and he'll be packin'. And then unpackin'. As he goes from town to town. We'll see if it was meant to be. If not, we can go after Bailey.