December 3, 2011

Valentine Promises To Crush Cashman In Rappelling Challenge

On Friday morning, Yankees GM Brian Cashman fired the first shot of the Rivalry for 2012:
"I publicly challenge Bobby Valentine to join me on the building. Landmark Square, first week of December. Be there. 2012."
Cashman was referring to rappelling down the side of the 22-story Landmark building in Stamford, Connecticut, as part of the city's "Heights and Lights" celebration.

Valentine was enjoying a bottle of El Presidente with David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic on Friday evening when he got wind of Cashman's bravado. Valentine laughed, and said he would crush Cashman. "Anytime, anywhere. If he wants to challenge me at eating pancakes, he can. ... Just to make it fair, I should rappel up as he rappels down. That'll be an even race."

Valentine, who is Stamford's public safety director, will not be in attendance when Cashman (dressed as an elf) rappels down the building tomorrow: "I've seen that act before. My firemen will be there with the nets just in case something happens, even though there's a lot of Boston fans who think that we should go without the nets."

Larry Luchhino said yesterday that he doesn't mind if Valentine "pokes the bear and stokes the fire". It sounds like the new manager got the message.

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