December 28, 2011

Red Sox-Yankees Will Wear 1912 Uniforms For April 20 Game

On April 20, 1912, the New York Yankees* played the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park at 3 PM.

On April 20, 2012, the New York Yankees will play the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park at 3 PM.

* - The team was actually known as the Highlanders at that time.

According to the Red Sox's Fenway Park 100 website, both teams will wear throwback 1912 uniforms for the rivals' first meeting of the season. Boston won that 1912 game, the first major league game played in the new park, 7-6 in 11 innings.

[From the Hall of Fame's uniform database]


BrooklynTrolleyBlogger said...

It's a great idea. Happy Birthday Fenway Park! If I were Commish for a day, I'd make the Yanks wear their Baltimore Oriole uniforms just to make them remember where they came from.

Jere said...

The team said in their initial press conference that there will be four throwback games, but only mentioned one: "already on the schedule is May 2nd" vs. the A's. And a newspaper report I mentioned on my blog on December 12th said the Sox/Yanks will wear throwbacks for the pre-game ceremony on April 20th. Since the May game was mentioned as a throwback game but not the 4/20 game, I read what was on the Fenway 100 site as implying it was for just the pre-game. Looking at the Fenway 100 thing now, though, I read it as them wearing throwbacks for the actual game. Anyway, I'm hoping they're worn in the game.

As for the 3:05 start, I read an account that the 1912 game started at 3:00 but also one that said 3:15. Maybe they went 3:05 just to be in the right area. Or maybe they have an official source that knew it was 3:05.

laura k said...

The unis are great but I hope they remember to put their faces on.