December 24, 2011

Tiger Stadium Site

I saw a post at Fangraphs about the deserted ball field at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Trumbull Avenue in Detroit and went and got my own pictures via Google Maps. Poignant, in a way, even beautiful, but also depressing as hell.

If you click here and then click the "street view" picture on the left (with the black SUV in it), you can get views from around the block as the back grandstand was being torn down.


Ignacio Cifuentes said...

a couple of months ago i read that there's a group of fans that mantain the diamond... they get together every week or so to work on the place... that's love.

Jere said...

If you go up Trumbull Street all the way to dead center and turn left on Fisher West, suddenly you see the demolition at a different point. Once on Fisher West, that one tall piece of the structure (with a walkway or something sadly hanging off of it) disappears, and a lot of the debris is now cleared, so you can see into both decks of the seating area.

laura k said...


So sad - and unnecessary.