September 18, 2012

Boston In 1903: Scoring In 17 Consecutive Innings

From September 15-17, 1903, the Boston Americans (later known as the Red Sox) scored at least one run in 17 consecutive innings.

Here are the three box scores:


allan said...

That middle game is one of only 6 AL games in history in which a home team has scored in all eight innings. (And 2 of the other 5 games happened against the Red Sox.)

No AL team has ever scored in all 9 innings.

7 NL teams have scored in all 9 innings, but it has happened only 3 times since 1900.

hrstrat57 said...

2 stolen bases for cy young!!!!!....and look at those time of game. great stuff here!

Zenslinger said...

Those were the days!