September 1, 2012

Schadenfreude 134 (A Continuing Series)

John Harper, Daily News:
If you've been staying above the fray, refusing to believe the Yankees are in any real trouble of blowing the AL East division title, I'd say the time has come to stop kidding yourself.

Panic in the Bronx? How could there not be right now?

Certainly you could feel the anger in the Bronx on Friday night, as frustrated fans spent much of the late innings booing the home team.

And why not? On a night when the Yankees were hoping to send a message letting the Orioles know their Cinderella season would carry them only so far, they were the ones who looked like pretenders.
Peter Botte, Daily News:
OK, is it time to worry now?

With the calendar officially flipping to September on Saturday, the skidding Yankees find themselves being bird-dogged in the tightening race for the AL East title. ...

Baltimore starter Miguel Gonzalez stifled the Yanks over seven scoreless innings as the Orioles improved to 18-7 in their last 25 games since Aug. 4. They have shaved 4½ games off the Yanks' lead over that span.

Nervous yet? ...

Sure, but the Yanks (75-56) led the East by 10 games on July 18. And they now have gone just 18-22 over their last 40 — practically a quarter of the season — to slip back to the pack and amazingly endanger their playoff aspirations.


laura k said...

More like this, pls. It's the second best thing that could have happened this season.

allan said...

August 30: "Yankees have too many stars to lose like this"

allan said...

Some people will think it is unseemly to post these when we are something like 183 GB, but what else have we got to look forward to this month?

Maxwell Horse said...

If the Yankees somehow cough up a post-season slot, I hope it's not presented as merely a laughable disappointment. We better get treated to some spin about how the team "quit" on Girardi, and how various team members "stabbed him in the back" by not making it to the post-season.

hrstrat57 said...

Sawx will have a chance to roll over like dawgs and let the O's take the division.