September 7, 2012

Schadenfreude 138 (A Continuing Series)

Yankees - 000 100 050 -  6 10  0
Orioles - 400 101 04x - 10 11  0
Tanya Bondurant, Pinstriped Bible:
What might have been one of the best wins of the season ended up being one of the most deflating losses ...
George A. King III, Post:
Small ball has been a big topic this week around the Yankees and their struggling lineup that is known for playing big ball.

Last night at a sold-out Camden Yards, the only thing small about the ball was what it looked like the farther it traveled as it left the Orioles' bats and departed the cozy ballpark.

As one Baltimore blast followed another — six homers in all — the ball got smaller and smaller as it climbed toward the black sky.
Anthony McCarron, Daily News:
The Yankees had a furious eighth-inning rally that ultimately only added some late drama to a game that felt like a blowout most of the night.

They scored five times in the inning to tie the score at 6 ...

But Adam Jones led off the bottom of the eighth inning by slamming a 1-2 pitch from David Robertson into the left-field stands for his 28th home run. Two batters later, Mark Reynolds blasted his second homer of the game and sixth against the Yankees in the last four games he's played against them and Chris Davis followed with another home run.

Overall, the Orioles hit six homers. It was an impressive power show worthy of the Yankees, at least back when the Yanks were playing well.

Now, though, they are collapsing. They have lost six of their last eight games and are 20-26 since they held a 10-game divisional lead back on July 18. Over the same span, the Orioles are 30-16.
Andrew Marchand, ESPN:
There is a reason for the New York Yankees to be afraid. The orange tidal wave that made it feel like 1983 in these parts overwhelmed them on Thursday night. ...

It doesn't make any sense to say it -- it really doesn't -- but maybe the Orioles are just better than the Yankees.