March 26, 2007


Herald Blog, this morning:
Manny Ramirez was going to be here but he called in sick last night with the same bug – sore throat, etc. – that has already waylaid other Red Sox this spring.
Do you hit with your throat? No, you don't.

Dear Theo: Suspend this bum for 20 games. It's time to send a message. Gargle with warm salt water ... or else!


thatdietcokegirl said...

manny needs desperately to be brought back down to earth. you are but another humanoid on earth pal. a talented one at baseball, but yet another humanoid. effing get yr shaggy, dreadlocked ass out there and play ball. christ.

Jere said...

That's some really good sarcasm if it's sarcasm.

On the ESPN broadcast, Sutcliffe asked Tito during the in-dugout interview, laughingly, "how serious is Manny's flu?" Talk about making everyone uncomfortable. Tito did a good job diffusing the situation: Politely smiled, said "I'm just glad he called me this morning," and went on to talk about what a great communicator Manny is when it comes to stuff like this.

Shan-a-Funk said...'s spring training....

Jere said...

I hope person 3 knows that I was referring to person 1 when I asked about sarcasm, and that Joy was clearly being sarcastic in the original post. Unless his comment was referring to the Herald's blog directly, and not Joy's.

This is getting confusing.

Pokerwolf said...

Boy, if they're on Manny this hard, I can't wait to see what happens if J.D. Drew gets hurt. Sheesh.

Devine said...

Heh, you trying to out the haters there, redsock?

L-girl said...

I hope person 3 knows that I was referring to person 1 when I asked about sarcasm

You had me for a moment there, since I don't read every comment. That's where quoting comes in handy.

And yes, very nice sarcasm, both from RSock and TDCG.