March 24, 2007

Globe Needs Its Own Sox Survival Guide

The Globe's website has a Red Sox survival guide for the coming season because "not all New Englanders are diehard Sox fans".

However, the Globe could use its own refresher course in Red Sox history. Page 5 states:
The bitter Yankees-Red Sox rivalry dates back to the prehistoric ages -- or at least to 1918, when Sox pitcher-turned-outfielder Babe Ruth was sold to the Yankees.
The Ruth sale was announced in January 1920 -- not in 1918. Indeed, Ruth blasted a major league record 29 home runs -- while becoming the most famous player in the game -- while playing for the Red Sox in 1919.

Why can't the Globe get its facts straight about the sale of the greatest player of all time?


redsock said...

It looks like we should blame Courtney Hollands, producer, for the erroneous text.


L-girl said...

That's disgraceful! Friggin disgraceful.

I was expecting the old "traded" instead of "sold". But not the wrong year. Yeesh.

Pokerwolf said...

It's not surprising that the Globe has it's Red Sox information wrong. It's not like they have any fans of the team writing for them, so they don't have anyone to make sure things are historically accurate. :P