March 6, 2007

Matsuzaka Faces Marlins: 3-2-0-1-3, 47 pit


Three shutout innings this afternoon, two hits, one walk, three strikeouts. Very good control with all of his pitches, though he hung a couple of breaking balls.

Ramirez (c) grounded out pitcher to first.
Uggla (1-2) singled to center.
Hermida (c) popped out shortstop.
Stokes (fbfbb) struck out swinging.

Borchard (cbbbs) walked.
Olivo (cffb) struck out swinging.
Gall (xx) hit ground rule double to right center, Borchard to third.
Seabol (fcffb) struck out looking.
Reed bunt popped up to first.

Ramirez (bbcbf) lined out to Matsuzaka (who bowed towards Hanley after gloving it!).
Uggla (f) flied out to shallow left.
Hermida (cb) popped out to second.

47 pitches, 31 pitches. Box.

Ian Browne,
According to a scout stationed behind home plate, Matsuzaka's fastball ranged from 91-93 mph. His curve was between 74-77 mph. The slider stayed between 81-82 mph. Matsuzaka's changeup fluctuated between 76-81 mph.
Matsuzaka will face the Orioles on Sunday at City of Palms Park.

After Dice left, Joel Pineiro pitched the 4th, allowing only one walk. In the 5th, Manny Delcarmen allowed a two-run homer to Hanley Ramirez. Florida scored three times in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game at 6-6 -- before Boston scored eight runs in the 10th inning for a 14-6 win.


evan said...

any media clippings on his performance like lester's below?

Devin said...

Whew! 5 runs so far in the top of the 10th for the Sox! They've batted around and have one out and the bases loaded at the moment.

Devin said...

It's 14-6 now. I'm thinking the Sox might win today.

Pokerwolf said...

I know what "b", "f", and "s" mean, but what does "c" stand for?

Jere said...

I'm gonna say "called strike." I like "l" for looking, but that might look like a one.

redsock said...

I'm gonna say "called strike."

You are correct, sir.

swinging strike
called strike
throw to first

I have a couple more (T is the catcher's throw to a base after a pitch), but those are the main ones.