March 8, 2007

Papelbon Goes Three Against Mets

Jonathan Papelbon threw three scoreless innings against the Mets yesterday, allowing one hit and one walk, while striking out four.
I'm getting my routine set, getting comfortable with everything ... seeing hitters a couple of times, sitting in the dugout between innings. ... When you come off a successful season, it's hard to see yourself as something else. It's hard for [teammates and others] to see me doing something different. Hopefully, that will disappear soon.
Sean McAdam believes there are "subtle indications" that the Red Sox may be considering Mike Timlin as the team's closer. He might be right, but he offers absolutely no evidence in his article. McAdam points out that Joel Pineiro has struggled this spring (3.1 IP, 6 H, 3 BB, 4 ER) and Timlin is usually better when he begins an inning as opposed to coming in with men already on base. That's it.

Timlin threw a 40-pitch live BP session yesterday and should see action against the Tigers on Saturday.

Curt Schilling on his developing changeup:
I think it's good enough to be my No. 2 pitch on some nights. ... It's a pitch that I strike people out with. ... It's a pitch that brings pitch counts down. You get more contact, get quicker outs if you can command it and throw it in the strike zone.


Devine said...

Now, Redsock, why do you wanna sully Papelbon's reputation that way? It was ONE hit and a walk. The hit was a high blooper that fell in front of the left fielder for a double (Scales is the left fielder's name)...I'm not sure if he could have caught it or not, but on the very next batter, Scales made a SPECTACULAR diving catch near the corner, saving a run and another double.

redsock said...


The Projo link I used in the first paragraph says he allowed three hits. I should have known to check the actual box score and not trust the press.

Bad, sock, bad!

My apologies to the Bot.