March 21, 2007

Timlin On DL

Mike Timlin will open the season on the disabled list due to the team's cautious approach to bringing him back from a left oblique strain suffered on Feb. 25. ... Timlin is due back no earlier than April 10.
The Herald's Jeff Horrigan writes that "it appears" Julian Tavraez will be the closer, but there is no hint of attribution in his report. It could be simply his opinion. I'd say it's Joel Piniero, who earned a save yesterday against the Twins. Rotoworld says the Sox can now open the season with both Kyle Snyder and Manny Delcarmen.


Jere said...

Farrell just did a live spot during the game on ESPN, and he said barring an addition to the roster, we'll start the year with Donnelly, Piniero, or SL as closer.

1-2-3 2nd for Dice.

9casey said...

IN Demand said Wednesday it will offer to match the terms of DirecTV's $700 million, seven-year deal with Major League Baseball on behalf of its owners, who are affiliates of the companies that own Time Warner, Comcast and Cox cable systems.


They had to do it

L-girl said...

But unless they'll give The Baseball Channel first-tier carriage, it might not matter what they'll pay.

Zenslinger said...

WMP smoked the first pitch of the bottom of the 1st off of Moyer. As much as announcers like to say it, the ball truly did leave the park in a hurry.

Jere said...

But just to clarify about what Farrell said: That doesn't mean I don't think Pap will be the closer as I always have--and now ESPN is reporting he actually will be the closer. Woohoo!

Scott said...


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