March 14, 2007

Top 9

NESN wants you to vote for your Top 9 Moments in Red Sox History.

As is the case with most of these kinds of polls/surveys, very recent events are overly emphasized. More than one-third of the choices -- 8 of 22 -- are from the last eight years. Only six are before 1967 -- and three of those involve Ted Williams.

Craig Hansen is working on reclaiming his slider. After watching hours of video, pitching coach John Farrell thinks Hansen was positioned too far towards the third-base side of the rubber.
What that caused him to do was really open his front side too early in his delivery, giving the hitter a much longer look at his arm swing, and track the ball. By going to the first-base side, it allows his lead shoulder to stay closed longer, which is a primary goal in his delivery. That's going to allow him to create that shape and depth to the slider.
Matthew Whipps at MVN gives us his Top 10 prospects.

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Jere said...

One of my votes was for the Bruno catch. That was so awesome.