March 24, 2007

Weekend Update

Nearly one-third of Jonathan Papelbon's relief outings last season (18 of 59) were for more than one inning. That percentage will go way down this year.

Papelbon's initial statement -- "I won't be throwing four days in a row [and] I'm not going to be throwing in the eighth and ninth" changed to "We're going to devise a system of working out, throwing, everything ... Whether I'm going to be throwing in the eighth or ninth, I don't know yet." Terry Francona: "We have spent a significant amount of time on how he will be used."

On Friday, Curt Schilling pitched seven innings, allowing six hits and two runs. He threw only 85 pitches. "I certainly feel I'm far ahead of where I was last year. I feel very good." Schilling apologized to Francona for posting the Papelbon-to-close story on his blog before the team had made an official announcement.

Manny Delcarmen was involved in a minor car accident Thursday night; his vehicle was rear-ended and his back was a little sore. ... On Wednesday, Jon Lester gave up four hits, four runs and two walks in three innings.

As the team's fifth starter, Julian Tavarez will pitch April 7 in Texas. Did you know Sexy Lips had the team's only CG win last year (September 22, 7-1 vs Toronto).

Daisuke Matsuzaka put up a 5.2-1-1-1-7-92 line against the Pirates on Wednesday, retiring 15 of the last 16 hitters. He baffled several hitters by throwing certain pitches in unusual situations. Adam LaRoche: "I've never seen anyone throw that many different pitches, and he throws them all for strikes."

Manny Ramirez chatted with the Herald's Karen Guregian: "Why do people want to know what I think? I'm a private guy. You guys don't need my opinion. Who cares? ... I'm quiet. I like to play the game. I don't like to give opinions."

Ramirez passed up a light workout on Wednesday, asking instead to ride the bus and play against the Pirates. Tito: "He said he was bored." Manny collected an RBI single and two walks in three trips to the plate.

Guregian also talked with Pedro, who said he feels great. Martinez on the gyroball:
I think it's more of a backdoor slider. If that's what they call it in Japan, well, that's what they call it. ... He throws it from the outside, and it burns the corner. People have a tendency to give up on that pitch. If he throws hard, and he uses it, it'll be good. That's the mystery.
The Yankees' top starter, Chien-Ming Wang, will start the season on the disabled list with a right hamstring pull. He will miss the first three weeks of the season. ... Opening Day starter for the MFY? How about Carl Pavano (last major league game, June 27, 2005)?


Woti-woti said...

Manny not only talked to Karen Guregian, but also to the Globe's Amalie Benjamin and later to one Maureen Mullen of Anyone see a pattern here?

Memo to Mrs. Manny--leaving Boston ain't gonna change this.

Jere said...

When you said SL had the only CG win, I immediately thought of Hansack. I remember how they didn't give him an "official" no-hitter in the season finale (which I was at--one of my favorite Fenway experiences), but I thought I remembered he got credit for a complete game. I checked it out on retrosheet and ESPN and they both show him having 1 CG in '06.

Pokerwolf said...

Hey, Woti-woti!

If I talk to female cops, but not male cops does my wife have to worry too?

If redsock only replies to comments by females in this post, does his wife have to watch him more carefully?

Give me a break!

Jere said...

Also, was the rumor of 'Manny wanting to leave the Red Sox because he was cheating on his wife and she thought if he left he wouldn't do it anymore and he agreed and tried to get traded' ever substantiated? I think not. The guy hugs Papi more than any women who aren't his wife.