April 27, 2007

Another Blogger Weighs In On Thorne, Sock

Ignorance Has Its Privileges
Gary Thorne overheard something and then misreported what he overheard. Not only did he misreport it, he misinterpreted what he misreported. ... [E]ven after [Mirabelli spoke to Thorne] Thorne still covered his ass by lying about the conversation and twisting it in a way that absolved him from blame. ...

If you have the nuts, or the guts, grab an orthopedic surgeon, have them suture your ankle skin down to the tissue covering the bone in your ankle joint, then walk around for 4 hours. After that go find a mound, throw a hundred or so pitches, run over, cover first a few times. When you're done check that ankle and see if it bleeds. It will.


MrG2you said...

Who is more dishonest the MIT admissions lady or Curt Schilling?? Tough one. Schilling has always been an a** and this stunt totally fits his character. At least he got some pub and you guys finally won a championship. See you in the series in another 80 years. FYI this stunt is so yankeelike. Steinbrenner would be proud.

Jere said...

I love how Yankee fans used to have a number they could rub in our faces, but now they have to make one up and keep their stubby fingers crossed. This is what "now I can die in peace" means to me.

Peter N said...

Wow, so much more important than the "sock" issue, and we ALL know that blood and courage WERE blood and courage, is the ever expanding RSN universe. Allan, as you know, I've been contacted by a Japanese blogger by the name of Superbowl-san. He calls me Peter-san, and that makes my heart sing. I just on this Friday morning received another email from him. I wish you could write a little something about him, a Sox lover on the other side of the world who reached out to me, and by doing that, he reached out to ALL of us. I think, well, I KNOW, that it's a heartwarming story. And his very own blog post with a Darkman animation is linked at my blog. I wanted to share, not plug my blog. So thank you.
Be well, both of you, and have a wonderful weekend. I don't need the plug, I just love to spread Red Sox joy. Is there a better kind? And I try to do that every day. Thank you!! Peter N. Be well....Red Sox Forever.

redsock said...

Hello, MrG2you.

You can call me Mr.LLLWWWW.

L-girl said...

Allan, I'm surprised you're letting crap like mrg2you stay up. That's delete-worthy, no?

Although Mr LLLWWWW is quite good. :)

L-girl said...

I wish you could write a little something about him, a Sox lover on the other side of the world who reached out to me

There are Red Sox fans (and fans of many other teams) all over the world. The internet makes it easy for them to connect.


Allan, now you don't have to write about it.

I wanted to share, not plug my blog.


redsock said...

I like how he believes Schilling is the one behind this whole recent "stunt". There's some excellent reading comprehension for you.

He gets points for not being so obnoxious as to actually type out "ass" (that's kind of cute, really) and for not misspelling any words. (Among MFY trolls, that is about as rare as .... well, it's about as rare as a team coming from down 0-3 to win the pennant.) He has some work to do on his puncutation, but I'm gonna let that slide.

Pokerwolf said...

Hello, Mr. 8-12withabadbullpenandnopitching.

I'm Mr. 14-7with124.2inningspitchedfrommystartersanda3.27teamERA.

L-girl said...

With comebacks like Pokerwolf's, the delete key is rendered irrelevant. My deletitude bows in respect to his comebackosity.

L-girl said...

Hey, here's a nice (and astute) mention from Art at Projo.

"This story's explosion yesterday actually was a very interesting lesson in modern communications, but there's no way I could adequately analyze it in the time and space I have here.

The mystery, to me, was how Gordon Edes could have been aware of Thorne's comments -- generally, the sound of the TV broadcasts is muted in the press box, and if it wasn't, Edes wouldn't have been the only reporter to hear it -- but come to find out it was old friend Allan Wood who heard it first and sent the word out to Edes and several other sports writers. A global village, indeed."

Pokerwolf said...

What kind of impact can bloggers have in the media?

How about having an announcer's comments edited out of a rebroadcast!

My deletitude bows in respect to his comebackosity.

My comebackosity humbly accepts your praise.

Then, it says, "Ain't NOBODY gonna mess with my Nation!"

Zenslinger said...

I'm proud to be a JoS'er.

redsock said...

This might be the time to start selling shirts.

Joydawg Nation!

redsock said...

p-wolf's link says:

"ESPN's Bob Ley reports today that when the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network rebroadcast last night's Red Sox-Orioles game this morning, Thorne's comments "were not aired." Ley: "Apparently, they were edited out.""

I thought that MASN simply did not rebroadcast the bottom of the 5th inning to fit the game into the 2-hour (or whatever) time slot.

It's a good excuse, but it does happen. I assume when NESN does the "Red Sox In 2 [Hours]" rebroadcast and the game is a 4:00 marathon against the Yankees, they cut innings in which "nothing happens".

Now, if they actually showed the inning and cut out Thorne's comments, that would be a different issue, I think.

L-girl said...

Still, it's a neat little "coincidence".

This might be the time to start selling shirts.

Joydawg Nation!

Only if you think of a better name!

(Joy Nation is good enough.)