April 11, 2007

Bad Blood

Lots of ink on the bad blood between Jose Guillen and Brendan Donnelly.

It turns out both teams were warned before the game. And BD denied grabbing his crotch, as I suspected he might have done. I don't think NESN ever showed a replay from a behind the plate camera -- which would have given us a definitive answer.

Seth Mnookin gives Donnelley the Quote of the Day. Asked whether he had made an obscene gesture at Guillen, BD said: "I'd never do anything like that. There are fucking kids in the stands."

Last night, in Greenville, SC, Jon Lester retired the first eight batters he faced and finished with 51 pitches in four innings. "I'm just building the pitch count up and building the innings up. The next time we'll go another step." His line (4-3-0-1-5) was almost identical to his first outing (4-2-0-1-5).

Jason Varitek is 35 today.

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Jere said...

I thought about that, too--the behind the plate camera angle. But that camera stayed on Guillen, I remember.