April 19, 2007

G14: Red Sox 5, Blue Jays 3

It was a beautiful sunny day in Toronto, but the Skydome roof was closed. The Red Sox turned in a wonderful afternoon of baseball, spoiling the field trips of many groups of schoolkids.

Sexy Lips did well until the 6th, when he faced the top of the order for third time (5.1-6-3-0-4, 82), Coco had two bunt singles as the leadoff man (Lugo and Lowell started the day on the bench), Manny lined a game-tying two-run home run to right-center in the 8th, Alex Cora tripled home the go-ahead run in the top of the 9th, then scored the insurance run. And Snuffer, after a leadoff walk, took care of business, though Alex Rios battled for 10 pitches before flying to right to end the game.


Julian Tavarez (9.00, 2.750) / Roy Halladay (2.35, 1.000), 12:35 PM

Tavarez is making his first start in 12 days. In his last appearance at Skydome, September 22, 2006, Tavarez pitched a complete game (9-7-1-1-1, 99) victory. ... Alex Rios is 5-for-6 lifetime against Sexy Lips, including a triple, and Lyle Overbay is 4-for-12, with three doubles.

Last Friday, Halladay pitched a 10-inning CG against the Tigers (10-6-1-0-2), throwing only 107 pitches.

Sox v Halladay
         AB HR RBI BB SO   AVG  OBP  SLG   OPS
Lugo 38 1 2 3 5 .211 .268 .289 .558
Youkilis 16 0 0 4 3 .250 .400 .250 .650
Ramirez 68 4 10 7 16 .279 .347 .500 .847
Ortiz 67 7 21 3 9 .299 .338 .672 1.010
Lowell 8 1 4 1 0 .375 .444 .750 1.194
Varitek 56 1 9 6 14 .232 .306 .357 .664
Crisp 17 1 1 0 2 .294 .294 .471 .765
Pedroia 3 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000

Cora 12 1 2 1 3 .083 .154 .333 .487
Pena 4 0 2 0 1 .500 .500 .750 1.250
Hinske 3 0 0 0 2 .333 .333 .333 .667


Peter N said...

I saw your pics over at Jere's....the resolution on the expanded full-screen is astounding. And so is the Sox pitching.....today, a toughie with Halladay against Tavarez....but ya never know! Stay well....

Zenslinger said...


Highlights at 11.

Zenslinger said...

Manny! Finally being Manny.

After that demoralizing bases-loaded DP earlier in the game. I'm celebrating here in my office; MLB.tv seems to come in here now, but not at home.


Zenslinger said...

Sox win -- this is how it should be. Contributions from the whole order offensively, some power and some runs manufactured. A solid start by Sexy Lips (who actually outpitched Halladay through 4). Missed opportunities don't kill us, the bullpen is solid (though Timlin's still a little shaky).

I feel like this was kind of a big one. We beat their ace, win the series, and can come home in first place. With our pitching and Yanks and Jays' injuries, we have to be able to make some hay now.

Zenslinger said...

The Yanks' victory was pretty stunning. Curt likes to say whoever stays healthy will win the division, but as with their injuries last year, they manage to hang in there. Sure, Slappy can't play God forever, but the fact is that the Yanks pitching has not been that bad despite all the injuries. They have a staff ERA of 3.73 -- which is fine, given the damn lineup. (Ours is 2.78!)

MikeT9485 said...


Isn't it funny how mlb.tv always seems to come in at the least opportune times? Whenever I have a ton of work to do, the picture is clear and I can't keep myself from watching. But when I have nothing better to do, I can never get it to work... Typical.

9casey said...

Over -under on how many time A-fraud get hits with a pitch this weekend is 3...

They will bust him in all day and you know Beckett will uncork one......

He is on fire, Eric Wedge should be fired 1st base open and you pitch to him .....Take your chances with Giambi.........

Woti-woti said...

Nice to get out of the Dome with the series, especially with 2 wins after 6-straight losses there. Cora with a 9th-inning triple--who would have thunk. Time for Sox offense and good SP to give Paps a little rest. I think a big part of the Yanks' 9th inning heroics is that they scare the piss out of the likes of Borowski before he even takes the mound. Big Papi tells Snuffer to sheet on their scare-mongering.

redsock said...

There's chunks of Borowski in Snuffer's stool.

redsock said...

P.S. Thank you John Gibbons for yanking Halladay early.

3-1 Jays lead in the top of the 8th, Crisp on first, 1 out, Ortiz and Manny coming up. Halladay at 95 pitches, Sox 5 outs from defeat.

Ortiz had GIDP, BB and doubled. Manny had done nothing with Halladay: BB, GIDP, 5-3.

But Gibbons goes to Downs, who strikes out Tiz. Then Marcum comes in and gives up the game-tying bomb to Manny. Marcum also puts the guy on base in the 9th that scores the go-ahead run on Cora's triple (off new closer Frasor).

Gibbons = dumb ass = win for us.

L-girl said...

I love The Snuffer.

L-girl said...

There's chunks of Borowski in Snuffer's stool.

Although this is not an image I needed.

redsock said...

I love The Snuffer.

I believe it is just Snuffer. "I love Snuffer."

(Good going, Wedge, way to leave Borowski out there for 8 fucking batters. but he's my closer, blubber, what else can i do, blubber, gotta have him close the game even though the other team is actually batting around in the bottom of the 9th. Well, he closed it alright. Dumb shit.)

Jere said...

NBC News has never seen a manifesto like the one I was ready to send them after today's Yankee game. The entire Indians organization will never be forgiven by me. (Or my children. Or my children's children.)

L-girl said...

I believe it is just Snuffer. "I love Snuffer."

I think I know who I love.

I love The Snuffer.