April 23, 2007

G18: Blue Jays 7, Red Sox 3

Bah. Not our night.

Bad things: Hill singled, doubled twice and homered, scored three and knocked in two. Wells doubled, tripled, walked, stole a base, and scored three runs. McDonald doubled twice, singled and reached on an error. Thomas belted a two-run home run, singled and walked. Wakefield (6-8-4-3-2-5, 100).

Good things: Mirabelli and Lowell both singled twice and walked. Pedroia whacked a two-run double. ... Orioles lost, so we remain 1.5 GA. And Tampa 10, Yankees 8, dropping New York into 4th.


Tomo Ohka (7.02) / Tim Wakefield (1.35), 7 PM

Ohka limited the Red Sox to four runs on four hits in 6.1 innings on Wednesday.

Wakefield has allowed only one earned run in each of his three starts this season. His 1.35 ERA leads the American League.
            W   L    GB   RS  RA   EXP
Boston 12 5 -- 89 53 12- 5
Baltimore 11 7 1.5 87 76 10- 8
New York 8 9 4.0 108 84 10- 7
Toronto 8 10 4.5 82 82 9- 9
Tampa Bay 7 11 5.5 92 114 7-11
EXP is the team's expected record considering its runs scored and runs allowed. ...Both Boston and Baltimore are 8-2 in their last 10 games.


s1c said...

That was ugly, 1 unearned run already for the Jays. I feel my shoulders tightening already.

redsock said...

Jays TV announcers Rance Mullinks and Buffy are annoying me.

First, after Vernon Wells doubled in the 1st, Rance wondered why Manny doesn't play at the edge of the warning track in LF.

Then Buffy made the observation that Fenway, much like the A's park in Oakland, has a lot of foul territory "in and around the dugouts".

What the hell is wrong with these guys? Have they completely lost their minds? Have they paid attention to ANYTHING in baseball for the last 6-7 years?

Clearly, they need some tutoring from Mr. French.

redsock said...

Bottom of 3rd, Buffy on Ortiz: "There's a lot of room in left, but he loves hunting for that pesky pole in right field. He has almost turned wrapping home runs around that pole into an art form."

Good lord. I don't want to watch on mute, I really don't. (And yes, he used "pesky" as an adjective.)

The worst thing is Buffy says it like he's the Professor of All Things Fenway and Red Sox.

Why do the most ignorant people always talk like they know everything?

CaKeY said...

I'm so happy to have NESN. The one thing good about living in Maine I suppose.

Woti-woti said...

Buffy is a complete fool. Unlike, say, Joe Morgan, Buffy can not skate completely. After each Jays game, Rogers has a post-game on radio (which streams over the MLB-EI dead channels) and fans call in with complaints, comments etc., one night a week they even have JP live for questions. I sometimes surf by between innings of late games. There is increased anti-Buffy comment--moron, cheerleader, makes stuff up etc. Fans being fans, it seems to heat up when Jays lose. Maybe Mr. Rogers listens.
In other news, hit this Ohka dick, please.

Sean said...

If we could only bring in Paps to this situation, damn. 4-3, top of the 8th, 1 out, runner on third, nice paps situation to keep it from getting out of hand.

And there we go, 5-3. We're in tough shape here, unless the bottom of the order can get it going for at least one.

Jere said...

I like the thing about foul territory...someone should show him scale drawings of the Fenway and Oakland fields on top of each other. It would look like one of those illustrations that show you how many earths could fit into Jupiter.

L-girl said...

Why do the most ignorant people always talk like they know everything?

The question of the ages.