April 25, 2007

G20: Red Sox 6, Orioles 1

Curt Schilling (3.81) / Daniel Cabrera (4.10), 7 PM

Cabrera walked a staggering 5.34 batters per nine innings last year. In four starts this year, he has walked only seven batters (and struck out 26). ... Cabrera has pitched 33 innings (in eight starts) against the Red Sox in his career -- he first faced them in mid-2005 -- allowing 43 hits, 32 walks, and getting pounded to the tune of a 9.27 ERA.

Schilling pitching only four innings on Opening Day, but he has gone at least seven innings in his past three starts.

Lineup: Coco Crisp is out of the lineup again, so Wily Mo Pena returns to CF. Alex Cora -- 9-for-16 against Cabrera gets the nod over Dustin Pedroia.

Pawtucket was rained out tonight, so Jon Lester will pitch on Friday.


s1c said...

Wily Mo still in center field tonight and tomorrow night. Crisp may end up on the DL? Put me out of my misery now. Every time Coco starts getting on base etc., something like this happens. Jeez.

chief said...

Cora is now batting .611 against Cabrera.

And Don O. just offered another phrase to drink: "old friend."

Zenslinger said...

Curt is pitchin' very well -- pitching to contact very well, that is. After five he's only got one K (Mill-ahhh) and 62 pitches (42 for strikes). It seems his strategy of fewer strikeouts and more efficiency may be really working today. Two walks are the only real blemish -- so far, so good.

Now if WMP could get his bat on the ball. I'm kind of rooting for him to groundout or something.

Nice for Cora to put us on the board, though.

Sean said...

Hooray for Schilling tonight, pitching exactly like he didn't on Friday. Or, rather, he's pitching to contact, which is a problem against the Yankees.

And to answer the question, yes I am Sean O, but I guess I'm logging in as my google account instead of a blogger account, or something, and so it drops the O.