April 26, 2007

G21: Red Sox 5, Orioles 2

Beckett goes eight (8-8-2-0-3, 100), Papelbot finishes up (P6, 3U, BB, K on 13 pitches), and Wily Mo Pena follows a BBI to Varitek with a grand slam in the top of the eighth. And what would have been a very bitter 2-1 loss (the Red Sox worked 8 walks off Baltimore's first 4 pitchers) becomes a happy 5-2 win. (box)

Lowell doubles and extends his hitting streak to 12 games, Youkils walks twice and singles, Manny walks twice, Ortiz singled and walked, and Pena doubles in addition to his salami.

Got the NESN feed tonight. Don and Jerry mentioned Thorne in the early innings, but thought the whole thing was silly and the sooner it was over, the better. Perhaps, but Thorne should be held accountable for the words that come out of his mouth during a baseball telecast -- or at least be expected to explain his comments.


Josh Beckett (2.55) / Adam Loewen (3.72), 7 PM

If Beckett gets credit for the win tonight, he'll join Babe Ruth (1917) and Pedro Martinez (2005) as the only Red Sox pitchers to win their first five starts.

Loewen is Canadian, but he's not getting any JoS love tonight. He's walked 19 hitters in 19.1 innings, including seven in 5.2 innings last Saturday. His BBs have increased with every start: 3, 4, 5, 7.

Mike Lowell has an 11-game hitting streak. The streak is more than 10 games, so it's proper to mention it. Anything less than 10 -- like when an announcer informs us about Jones's "modest four-game hitting streak" -- is not worthy of discussion.

Is Coco Crisp headed for the disabled list? Tito says Crisp will rest and will have the medical staff look at him "when we get to New York. We have to find out if it's a bruise or a strain. I'm not sure if it makes that much difference in the treatment. Hopefully, we'll try to get him ready for Yankee Stadium."

Thorne Watch: I think I actually want the MASN feed tonight so I can hear what Gary Thorne has to say for himself tonight (assuming Doug Mirabelli hasn't totally kicked his ass during BP).


Beth said...

i'm really confused as to why none of the stories about the comment today have any followup / clarifying statements from thorne himself. for example, i don't think thorne ever said *in so many words* that mirabelli specifically told this to *him*, nor did he say when mirabelli is supposed to have said it. it's still entirely possible (though idiotic) he was making a lame attempt to be facetious. another curious thing to me is that i haven't seen any stories that i remember saying even the boilerplate "thorne could not be reached for comment / declined comment." with so much ambiguity possible in his words--so many followup questions possible to what he said--i'm surprised no one has asked him to clarify.

9casey said...

Hey Wily Mo...atta boy

Sean said...


And this is why I have a Wily Mo Pena shirt. When he's cold, he's the worst player in baseball history. But when he's on, oh man, it's incredible.

L-girl said...

Beth, did you hear the comment as Thorne made it? It didn't sound ambiguous or facetious in the slightest.

Thorne wasn't implying that Mirabelli said it *to him*. He just said Mirabelli later confessed that it was paint. Thorne made it sound like it was common knowledge.

L-girl said...

Here's hoping we see a lot more of this WMP! Way to go.

Tor 6 - NYY 0 right now.

L-girl said...

"thorne could not be reached for comment / declined comment."

Also, he did comment, and he apologized. He said Mirabelli was joking and he misunderstood.

redsock said...

I think she meant he declined to comment at any point throughout the day.

I believe he released his decidedly weak statement late this afternoon -- a statement that didn't make much sense at all when stacked aganst what he said and how he said it.

L-girl said...

I think she meant he declined to comment at any point throughout the day.

Oh, gotcha. I didn't follow the chronology.

a statement that didn't make much sense at all when stacked aganst what he said and how he said it.

I was going to say that in my comment... but I've been saying the same thing all day. :)

redsock said...

What else can Thorne say?

He seriously fucked up. He just has to say something and hope the whole thing goes quickly away.

Woti-woti said...

So Thorny just laughs it off and will go back to ESPN and yuck it up with Sut and Krukie and Boomer and Steve and Joe and all the other smug assholes. When will people stop bowing down to these 'national' idiots?

In other news, how can anyone not wish success for Wily Mo?