April 8, 2007

I Forgot

Jeff Goldberg, Hartford Courant:
After starting with two smooth innings, [Julian] Tavarez went away from his effective two-seam fastball in the third, and the Rangers made him pay by knocking his breaking pitches all over the park.

"You know, that's the trick in this game," he said. "A lot of times you do things and once you find out, sometimes it's too late and you're in trouble. I forgot about my two-seam fastball. When I was dominating, it was with two-seam fastballs, getting some quick outs early in the game. I changed the whole plan and it really cost me. I walked away a loser."
I forgot about my two-seam fastball.

Does this make sense to anyone?

First of all, the second inning was not smooth. After two quick outs, Blalock walked on four pitches, Wilkerson singled and Cruz walked. With the bases loaded, Laird flew out to right. The Red Sox still led 2-0.

In the third, Tavarez got an out when Lugo made a great play to stab Lofton's grounder behind second base and throw him out. Then Hairston walked, Young doubled to right (2-1) and came around to score on Drew's fielding error (2-2), Teixeira singled and took second on a passed ball, and Sosa singled. After Blalock struck out, Wilkerson walked and Cruz singled (Texas 4-2).

Is Sexy Lips telling us that at no point during all that carnage -- 49 pitches -- did he remember his two-seam fastball, the pitch that was working so well for him approximately 30-45 minutes earlier?

Fine ... let's pretend Tavarez spaced out and suddenly "forgot" about his out pitch. Why didn't Varitek remember it? Why didn't he visit the mound to remind his pitcher? Did the captain -- who gets mountains of praise from all corners about his ability to command a pitching staff -- also forget? ... Pitchng coach John Farrell visited the mound after Sosa's single. Did he also forget to clue Tavarez in?

I forgot I was supposed to catch the ball. I forgot I was supposed to not swing at pitches two feet out of the strike zone. I forgot I shouldn't steal second base when my teammate is already there. I forgot I was supposed to run the bases counter clockwise and not clockwise. I forgot.


San Francisco Red Sox Fan said...

I forgot about my two-seam fastball.
Does this make sense to anyone?

Are you going on the assumption that Sexy Lips is a normal sane human being? This is a guy who uses snake oil.

Why didn't Varitek remember it? Why didn't he visit the mound to remind his pitcher?

I think Tek did visit the mound (as well as the pitching coach)in the third. Perhaps Sexy Lips didn't listen to anybody.

Should we just consider his performance as Sexy Lips being Sexy Lips?

redsock said...

I don't note catcher's trips to the mound on my scorecard, so maybe he did. Nothing appears to have changed from the chat.

How many pitches does Tavarez have that he can easily forget the one that is getting him out?

It's nuts. I would have liked a writer to ask a follow-up. Like: "Forgot? How in the hell do you do that?"

s1c said...

Personally, I think Manny's feeble attempt on Cruz's hit didn't help. The freaking ball landed at his foot after he pulled up on his charge. I won't repeat my expletive tirade as I watched the replay here. It was just a terrible outing by Tavares and the Bullpen, who weren't helped by the anemic offense.

redsock said...

It was ugly all around, that's for sure.

Could we have some nice hitting and a win tonight so we don't stew until Tuesday afternoon?

Woti-woti said...

It's a little early to be talking about a BIG game, but a .500 road trip is better than 2 and 4. Besides, I think there are maybe 9 good teams in the AL and I don't include either Texas or KC in there. Yes, Curt, you big ace you, it's over to you.

L-girl said...

"I forgot armed robbery was illegal in this state."

Steve Martin