April 30, 2007

Jeter: "It's Unfair And It Should Stop"

Cap'n Intangibles demands people stop picking on his manager.

Bill Madden of the Daily News thinks the off-day today could be "anxious if not downright apocalyptic", adding:
There is no point in belaboring the fact that the Yankees could have signed Okajima this offseason but chose to pass. His five scoreless innings of three-hit, eight-strikeout relief against the Yankees in these two back-to-back lost weekends against the Red Sox will doubtless be put on the heads of Brian Cashman and his baseball evaluators when the blame starts emanating out of Tampa.
Good times.


MattySox said...

Mike Vaccaro in the New York Post takes ol' Jetes to task as well for not being captainly enough...how do you spell schadenfraude?

Beth said...

if anybody's going to be canned over this, as irrational as that would be anyway, it should be cashman. if this team is anybody's "fault" it's his. as for torre, i would be sad to see him go--the rivalry wouldn't be the same without him.

Dan said...

"how do you spell schadenfraude?"


s1c said...

Due to the job (its a long story so don't ask) I had to listen to WFAN today for about 2 hours. The fans are outraged and are worried about losing the town to the Mets, Cashman, Torre and anybody associated with management should be fired (they can't understand why Doug M-alphabet is the first baseman, why they don't have a back up catcher etc), don't panic the Sox will fade in August because they have 19 road games against the Tigers, White Sox and the Yankees always beat the Sox and the Rangers suck!

How quickly they forget, they don't always beat the Sox in important games, just look at 2004. Oh, they also don't understand why Abreu was bunting and can't he come up with a big hit?

I loved every minute of ITTTTT!!!!

L-girl said...

how do you spell schadenfraude?"


Alternate spelling: Red Sox fan.

And I mean that in the best possible way.