April 17, 2007

The New Yorker: "Waiting For Manny"



Steve said...

OK, I knew Manny didn't want to come back from Pawtucket after his injury a few years back, but I had no idea he requested a trade to the AAA club.

Oh, Manny.


Jere said...

Sweet. Pretty good stuff. I just wish the writer would have said that the part about him being the worst defender by far was far from true. Almost every day I see Manny play a carom perfectly off that wall and hold a guy to a single, and he never gets any credit for it.

redsock said...

Jere: Right. And he wasn't late at all to spring training. He reported well before the CBA-mandated time. ... Well, those are only facts. Can't let them get in the way of some MUMS.

chief said...

Ben McGrath wrote stories about Bill James in 2003 and Tim Wakefield in 2004. Both are really interesting as well.

Apologies if they've been discussed here before.


Woti-woti said...

Thanks for the link, it's good for a few chuckles--practising the new handshake that included a burger-flip. In England, they have a great expression--'taking the piss' which roughly means you're putting somebody on, and your victim is a little suspicious you're doing it, but not certain. It works great on authority figures, or people who take themselves far too seriously. I think the lads down at the local would consider Manny to be a right piss-taker.

L-girl said...

Ben McGrath is such a good writer. I haven't read this piece yet, so I'm disappointed to hear he went for the MUMS.