April 1, 2007

Opening Day Countdown

The Globe's Amalie Benjamin sent John Henry a list of 47 questions. A little more than two hours later, the replies were in her in-box. ... Henry has (or will have) a blog?!

Jeff Goldberg of the Hartford Courant has a feature on JD Drew (so does Gordon Edes). Late in the article, Terry Francona says Drew
will be a first-to-third guy, which we haven't been tremendously good at. When you have guys like Ortiz who are going to bang the ball, that's really good. He will be very good at that.
Umm, Tito? How will Drew be able to run the bases on an Ortiz hit when he's supposedly batting two spots after him? ... Perhaps you are taking my advice and batting Drew 2nd? Or are you considering batting Flo 6th or 7th?

Jonathan Papelbon's right ankle is sore. He did not pitch yesterday in Philadelphia and he decided against pitching off a mound. "I'd rather wait to get healthy so that I can pitch Monday night. I don't need to put added stress on the leg right now. It's my push-off foot, you know?" Herald:
Papelbon pointed to the area just below the outside of the ankle bone, as well as the area above it, along the outer portion of the lower calf as an area where he still had tenderness. "It still feels like there's a strain there, or a sprain, or whatever they're calling it," said Papelbon ...
Not really what I wanted to hear.

Rehab: Jon Lester threw four no-hit innings (58 pitches) for Greenville (A) in Fort Myers, walking one and striking out five. Mike Timlin threw 17 pitches in one inning for Lancaster (A), allowing one run on two hits and two walks.

A quick look at the Japanese media contingent following Dice-K. Following every game, home and road: 3-5 daily newspapers, 7 sports daily newspapers, 2 wire services, 1 website, 1 radio station, and 6 television networks.

Media Blogs: Globe (Extra Bases), Herald (Clubhouse Insider), Masslive.com (Dan Lamothe's Red Sox Monster), Providence Journal (SoxBlog).

Four writers for the Projo also have blogs: Sean McAdam, Steve Krasner, Art Martone and Joe McDonald. Art is the Projo's Sports Editor and doesn't get much time to write about the Sox. Maybe the blog will give him the opportunity. Today, he remembers the 1967 team. ... ProJo will also have a Manny Being Manny blog. MUMS-alert?

The Courant's Jeff Goldberg is also blogging, as is Redsox.com's Ian Browne (Brownie Points).

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MattySox said...

I'm surprised the Henry interview isn't getting more play around the blog circuit...his comment about Clemens sent me into overdrive on my blog...really unbelievable to me...