April 2, 2007

Predictions And Projections XI

Providence Journal
        Joe         Steve       Sean
McDonald Krasner McAdam

East Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox
Yankees Yankees Blue Jays
Blue Jays Blue Jays Yankees
Devil Rays Devil Rays Orioles
Orioles Orioles Devil Rays

WC: Yankees Yankees Blue Jays

AL Yankees Red Sox Red Sox
NL: Mets Mets Dodgers
WS: Yankees Red Sox Dodgers

AL: Jeter Ortiz Mauer
NL: Pujols Soriano Reyes

AL: Santana Clemens* Bonderman
NL: Johnson Zito Cain

* (with Boston)
The Herald has its big preview section today. There are staff picks in the paper, but I can't find then online. ... Anyone got a Herald laying around?

1 comment:

Pokerwolf said...

It's almost painful to read Schilling's blog post about the game.

But, there's always pictures like this one to cheer us up.