April 26, 2007

Red Sox Issue Statement On Thorne

President/CEO Larry Lucchino:
In regards to the remarks made on Wednesday by Baltimore Orioles announcer Gary Thorne, the Red Sox will not respond to or dignify these insinuations with extensive comment. Such gossip occurred in 2004 and we will not participate in further comment other than to remind everyone that we remain steadfastly proud of the courageous efforts by a seriously injured Curt Schilling -- efforts that helped lead the Red Sox to the 2004 World Series Championship.


L-girl said...

That statement was prompted by a chain of events started by you calling attention to Thorne's comments. Good going!

Franco said...

Interesting that there was no denial.

I seem to remember hearing at the time that it wasn't blood but rather some medical substance put on the wound or some such.

Beth said...

franco, what you remember is speculation by announcers *during the game* that the stain was mercurochrome or some other medicinal substance. i believe it's going on two and a half years now since the press conferences that occurred several hours later after game 6 of the alcs corrected that speculation.