June 11, 2010

G63: Red Sox 12, Phillies 2

Phillies - 000 100 100 -  2 10  0
Red Sox - 543 000 00x - 12 17 0
Lackey had a very strong start (7-6-2-0-3, 86), but his performance was overshadowed by the laser show in the first three innings.

With one out and one on in the first against Moyer, Martinez doubled, Ortiz doubled, Beltre doubled, and Lowell homered. Scutaro started the second with a single, then Pedroia doubled, Martinez doubled, and Ortiz doubled. And Moyer was changing into street clothes: 1-9-9-1-1, 61.

Scutaro and Ortiz each had three hits and Flo knocked in four runs.
Jamie Moyer / John Lackey
Scutaro, SS
Pedroia, 2B
Martinez, C
Ortiz, DH
Beltre, 3B
Lowell, 1B
Hall, LF
Cameron, CF
McDonald, RF
How old is Jamie Moyer? Nine days after his major league debut, the Bard family celebrated Daniel's first birthday.

Moyer (rookie card, at left) has pitched against 20 players who are already in the Hall of Fame, including Steve Carlton, who was the opposing pitcher in his debut, and Mike Schmidt, who was inducted 15 years ago! Moyer had six seasons under his belt when Tim Wakefield made his debut with the Pirates. Terry Francona was Moyer's teammate on the 1986 Cubs.

When Moyer pitched for the Red Sox, they were still a year away from trading Heathcliff Slocumb to Seattle. Moyer has faced batters born in six different decades.

About a month ago, on May 7, Moyer became the oldest pitcher to throw a complete-game shutout. He has pitched shutouts 24 years apart and he may be the only pitcher to throw shutouts in four different decades.

He has allowed 501 home runs, five away from breaking the all-time mark set by Robin Roberts.

Beginning with Daisuke Matsuzaka's no-hit bid on May 22, the Phillies are 5-12 and have averaged only 2.3 runs a game. In 9 of those 17 games, they have scored 0 or 1 run.

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Michael Holloway said...

Jays fall another 1/2 game back. grrr...

Mrs.GotRibe said...

G'night All.

redsock said...

FLA - 105 410 30
FKR - 000 201 14

HOU - 020 000 010 - 3 4 0
MFY - 300 010 00x - 4 5 1


tim said...

A fine birthday present indeed.

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