June 12, 2010

G64: Red Sox 10, Phillies 2

Phillies - 020 000 000 -  2  7  0
Red Sox - 053 101 00x - 10 16 0
Daniel Nava hit a grand slam into the Red Sox bullpen on the first pitch in his first major league plate appearance!Nava is the fourth player in history to hit a grand slam in the first at-bat of his major league career. The only other player to do it on the first pitch is Kevin Kouzmanoff of the Padres, who went deep on September 2, 2006.

Rip Repulski is the only other Red Sox player to hit a grand slam in his first plate appearance with the team (May 10, 1960 against the White Sox).


Matsuzaka was placed on the disabled list shortly before the game with a right forearm strain. Atchison gets the start -- and left-handed reliever Dustin Richardson is on his way from Pawtucket.
Joe Blanton / Daisuke Matsuzaka Scott Atchison
Scutaro, SS
Pedroia, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Youkilis, 1B
Drew, RF
Beltre, 3B
Varitek, C
McDonald, CF
Nava, LF [MLB debut]
The Red Sox are expected to call up Daniel Nava, a 27-year-old switch-hitting outfielder, for today's game. [And they do.] Josh Reddick was optioned to Pawtucket last night.

Nava is batting .294/.364/.492 for Pawtucket this season. Mike Andrews of Sox Prospects calls Nava "one of the best offensive players in the system over the last three seasons, regularly surpassing expectations at every turn". He has been a few years older than his competition at each level, though. Andrews has a good Q&A with Nava here.

Astros/Yankees, 1 PM
Marlins/Rays, 7 PM
Blue Jays/Rockies, 8 PM
Baseball Reference lists June 12, 2001 as the day Gary Sheffield of the Dodgers became the first player in MLB history to hit a solo home run in a 1-0 game three times in a single season, but it should be included on May 12: April 2 (Opening Day) vs Milwaukee, May 7 vs Florida, May 12 (bottom of the 9th) vs Atlanta.


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redsock said...

You're right. It sounds bad.

redsock said...

Also, if the FKR lose, they and the MFY would be tied at 39-23.

With us a mere 3 GB at 37-27.

L-girl said...

Why do you want that? I want Tampa to stay in 1st. If it can't be us, it should be anyone but NYY.

tim said...

Well, they'll be tied. But still, its for first.

TB loss moves us up 1/2 game, so if I have to deal with MFY being closer at this point - fine. Its only a matter of time before we're there :)

I don't actually want them in first, it was just my cheeky way of saying I hope TB loses

Patrick said...

If this is the best of the NL, I'm all for interleague play

L-girl said...

You are more optimistic than I am about the division. That's good!

L-girl said...

What a game! Especially on an emergency start by Joe Nobody.

Patrick said...

When Daisuke was scratched, I expected this to be the score, just with PHI with the 10.

redsock said...

throw him a knuckler.

L-girl said...

Don't drink the water! It is DIRTY!

redsock said...

The water is Muddy!!!

Enjoy your night on the town, Mr. Nava!

Benjamin said...


L-girl said...

I think tomorrow he is meeting the woman of his dreams. Certain dreams, anyway.

FenFan said...

Will McCarver please choke on his own words and die?

"Hello... yes, one second... Dan, it's Erin Andrews on the line."

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