October 13, 2012

aka The Joy Of Tigers

ALCS: Tigers / Yankees
G1: Tonight at NY, 8 PM
G2: Sunday at NY, 4 PM
G3: Tuesday at DET, 8 PM
G4: Wednesday at DET, 8 PM
G5: Thursday at DET, 4 PM
G6: Saturday at NY, 8 PM
G7: Sunday at NY, 8 PM

NLCS: Giants / Cardinals
Series begins Sunday at SF, 8 PM


Ignacio Cifuentes said...

nice pic, allan! :)

allan said...

The wonders of Google Images!

Tom DePlonty said...

I'll root for Detroit when I'm not rooting for the Sox; my family is from Michigan and a bunch of my cousins are Tigers fans. This series works well for me. GO TIGERS!

laura k said...

Like I need an excuse? GO TIGERS!

Jere said...

This actually works out perfectly for me too as a lifelong "whoever's playing the Yankees" fan.

FenFan said...

Go Tigers!