October 3, 2012

"Last Batter" Contest Entries

Here are the 31 entries for the "Last Batter" contest.

The winner will receive a copy of Fenway Park: A Salute to the Coolest, Cruelest, Longest-Running Major League Baseball Stadium in America, by John Powers and Ron Driscoll.

There are seven players picked for "final batter". If no one wins, we will use Tiebreaker #1 as the new main question with Tiebreaker #2 becoming the sole tiebreaker. ... (If we end up with a tie, what should I do? Flip a coin?)

Q: Who will be the final batter of the season?
Ciriaco        (Grove, Coughlin, Snow, Paakkonen, JSmith, Battista, Tierkel, Berry,
                Robbins, Section36)
Ellsbury       (Brown, Cohen, Blount, MacLeod)
Iglesias       (Lazenby, Segar, Belt, Duggan)
Lavarnway      (RSmith, Hauser, Quint, Davis)
Nava           (Litten)
Ross           (Goodwill, Leach)
Saltalamacchia (Micher, DePlonty, Fetterman, Goodale, Turner, Bruhn)
Tiebreaker #1: Who will score the final run?
Ciriaco        (DePlonty, Hauser, RSmith, Segar, Tierkel, Berry, Robbins, Belt)
Ellsbury       (Cohen, Goodwill)
Gomez          (Battista)
Iglesias       (Goodale)
Lavarnway      (Litten, Section36)
Nava           (Coughlin, Turner)
Pedroia        (Micher, Blount, Leach, Davis)
Ross           (Snow, Brown, Fetterman, Grove, Lazenby, Paakkonen, JSmith, Bruhn,
                Duggan, Quint)
Saltalamacchia (MacLeod)
Tiebreaker #2: Who will get the final hit?
Ciriaco        (Litten, Turner, Battista, Bruhn, Berry, Robbins, Quint, Leach)
Ellsbury       (Micher)
Gomez          (Hauser, Segar, Tierkel)
Iglesias       (Brown, Goodale, JSmith)
Lavarnway      (Snow, Blount, Section36)
Loney          (Belt)
Nava           (RSmith, MacLeod)
Pedroia        (DePlonty, Cohen, Goodwill, Duggan)
Podsednik      (Fetterman)
Ross           (Coughlin, Grove, Davis)
Saltalamacchia (Lazenby, Paakkonen)


Jere said...

I almost feel like this was an example of that "gray elephant from Denmark" trick. You give us this elaborate maze of questions and we all end up saying Ciriaco, at which point you reveal the sealed envelope with his name written inside.

Now watch him sit the entire game.

allan said...

Now it can be told: Yesterday, I got an email with Ciriaco in all 3 spots "because he owns the Yankees". (Seems as logical as anything else.) Seven minutes later, I got another email with the exact same entry!

Jere said...

"I got an email with Ciriaco in all 3 spots "because he owns the Yankees""

Shouldn't he only be in spots 2 and 3 then?

allan said...

The 14-2 rout meant that Valentine used some subs, so Ivan DeJesus was the final batter of the season (in Ciriaco's spot, though!).

Ciriaco scored the last run and Nava had the final hit so RSmith is the winner.

Paul R said...

Congratulations to RSmith as the way I see it he is the winner of the contest.

Paul R said...

Thanks Allan for a fun contest