October 21, 2012

Red Sox Hire John Farrell, Send Aviles To Toronto

Sean McAdam, CSNNE:
Breaking: Red Sox have hired John Farrell as manager, signing him to multi-year deal. Official announcement coming soon.
ESPN Boston's Joe McDonald says he has received confirmation that the deal is complete. Will Carroll reports that it is a four-year contract.

Multiple reports have Mike Aviles going to the Blue Jays as compensation.

Check the SoSH thread for updates.


9casey said...

Aviles might have been a better manager... This is going
to start ugly . I have not seen one fan support the idea of Farrell.

laura k said...

I have not seen one fan support the idea of Farrell.

I saw a lot of fan support for BV. A lot of good that did.

9casey said...

Right,some fans supported Bobby V . I have seen none with Farrell.

I dont have a say , but I would have like to see them hore a fresh face, with new ideas. It would have rejuvenated the fan base. Farrell just makes no sense to me.

I hope I am wrong.

allan said...

I have not seen one fan support the idea of Farrell.

Here are three overnight posts at SoSH (there are others): one, two and three.

#3: "Fantastic. Organization has a manager they support and are on the same page with regarding philosophy who will be here long term - players will fall in line. He understands the market, his bosses, many of the players. A pitching savant. Knows the division. Compensation was a guy who had a nice WAR but who was buried and wasn't coming back. There's some concerns, but they exist with any hire. Nice to have this over with, and now he focus can return to on the field matters. What a concept."


laura k said...

Right,some fans supported Bobby V

You were among them.

I have no opinion about Farrell, but I can't see what fan support has to do with anything right now. Sox fans are not exactly in a positive frame of mind, plus people talking about sports in any context are way more likely to vent their negative feelings than share their positive ones.

If 100% of Red Sox fans are against having John Farrell as manager, but for actual baseball reasons, the FO thinks he's the best choice given who is available, then fuck the fans, who cares what we think.

allan said...

Sox also get RHP David Carpenter, age 27.

9casey said...

Do you 2 like the move? Or should I not care. Listen I just wanted a breath of freah air someone with no ties to the organization, someone with no track record, someone who could grow right along with the team. Clean the slate start anew.

Who really cares about someone knowing everybody?
No one really knew Tito when he came.

9casey said...

Listen I will support whomever they hire. I just wished it was someone different.

allan said...

I like him enough. He seemed to work well with Tito, which is probably the attitude we want. Like I said, I'm not sure exactly what his tendencies were in Toronto, but any annoyances there could also have to do with his personnel. I suppose there is the possibility he will meddle with the pitching coach, but I can't see how having him back will do anything but help guys like Lester and Buchholz.

allan said...

Also, I don't mind that it is not a total outsider. Despite the end of 2011 and all of 2012, there is still plenty to like about the organization. So if he has ties to it, that's a non-issue with me. ... until it becomes an issue!

laura k said...

I have no opinion with a slight lean towards the positive. I like that he has ties to the team and got along well with Tito. I can't see ties to the team as a bad thing.

I wish he had more managerial experience from which I might form more of an opinion. He's not Joe Maddon, but OTOH, he's not one of the many managers I dislike.

Assuming you were asking my opinion. :)

Zenslinger said...

Some guy I didn't know at a bar last night reacted to the scrolling text of this news as if it was a terrible thing. My stance is about what Laura describes...but it makes me wonder if there was some kind of bad press against him, ranting on WEEI or something?

Patrick said...

I like this move. Farrell is miles better than Bobby V, and that's what is most important.

laura k said...

Farrell is miles better than Bobby V

A low bar, but still true.

FenFan said...

I'm not terribly excited about Farrell but points made about him being familiar with Red Sox system are valid. The respect that the pitchers have for him having played under him does not hurt, either.

Of course, perhaps that familiarity is what doomed the Sox in 2011?