October 12, 2012

Schadenfreude 145 (A Continuing Series)

Mark Feinsand, Daily News:
This time Raul IObanez [sic] didn't help. Pinch-hitting for A-Rod didn't help. The Yankees are running out of alternatives and answers as their Game 5 fate beckons.

As the Bombers failed to conjure the previous game's magic, the Orioles extended this best-of-five American League division series to a decisive game with a 13-inning, 2-1 victory over the Yankees Thursday night at the Stadium.
George A. King III, Post:
The Yankees had a chance to put the series away in the eighth inning, but with runners on second and third and one out Alex Rodriguez struck out and Nick Swisher flied out to right. The Yankees didn't have a runner in scoring position after that inning.

Sabathia faces Jason Hammel in a Game 1 rematch. The winner opposes the Tigers in the best-of-seven ALCS ...
Joel Sherman, Post:
Alex Rodriguez cannot start today in a decisive Game 5 against Jason Hammel. This isn't punishment or statement. Just the obvious. He is helpless, hapless and hopeless against right-handed pitching. ...

Rodriguez has become a human white flag against righties (0-for-11 in this series with nine strikeouts).

Rodriguez ... claims he is still having good at-bats. He is speaking from pride, memory or delusion.
Game 5 begins at 5 PM


Kathryn said...

I have been waiting all morning for this. THANK YOU!

laura k said...

Helpless, hapless, and hopeless! I'll add Hell Yeah and Ha ha!


allan said...

Very much looking forward to #146!

Dear Os: Make today YED!

nick said...

This time Raul IObanez [sic] didn't help.

Those Os just muck everything up. Here's for mucking it up one more time tonight!

Pokerwolf said...

It was AWESOME to watch everything happen last night! Woohoo! Go, Orioles, go!

hrstrat57 said...

Well the 2 teams I was interested in following as a fan knocked out last nite.....I'm done.

You folks all have a nice off season!