October 4, 2012

Sox's Winter Work Starts Early: Valentine Fired

We don't have Bobby Valentine to kick around any more.

After the worst Red Sox season most of us have lived through - it's been 47 years since they finished with a worse record - the front office has fired Valentine as manager.

Executive Vice-President/General Manager Ben Cherington:
Our 2012 season was disappointing for many reasons. No single issue is the reason, and no single individual is to blame. We've been making personnel changes since August, and we will continue to do so as we build a contending club. With an historic number of injuries, Bobby was dealt a difficult hand. He did the best he could under seriously adverse circumstances, and I am thankful to him.
[P.S. I never wanted him in the first place.]
President/CEO Larry Luchhino:
This year's won-loss record reflects a season of agony. It begs for changes, some of which have already transpired. More will come. We are determined to fix that which is broken and return the Red Sox to the level of success we have experienced over the past decade. Difficult as it is to judge a manager amid a season that had an epidemic of injuries, we feel we need to make changes. Bobby leaves the Red Sox' manager's office with our respect, gratitude, and affection. I have no doubt that he will continue to contribute to the game he loves so much and knows so well.
Principal Owner John Henry:
In our meeting with Bobby today, he handled everything with dignity and class, and it is deeply appreciated. Ultimately, we as owners are responsible for arming our organization with the resources-intellectual, physical, and financial-to return to the levels of competitiveness to which we aspire and to which our fans are accustomed. Our commitment to winning is unwavering. It is a commitment to this team, to this city, and to these fans who have supported us through thick and thin. We have confidence in Ben Cherington and the kind of baseball organization he is determined to build.
I understand this decision. This year in Boston has been an incredible experience for me, but I am as disappointed in the results as are ownership and the great fans of Red Sox Nation. It was a privilege to be part of the 100 year anniversary of Fenway Park and an honor to be in uniform with such great players and coaches. My best to the organization. I'm sure next year will be a turnaround year.
The Globe's Peter Abraham notes: "Not since 1934 have the Red Sox fired a manager after only one season."


laura k said...

This year in Boston has been an incredible experience for me

It was incredible all right. Every time we checked standings, we thought, I simply cannot believe this.

To think there was a time I thought I might stop hating Bobby Valentine! Silly me.

Jere said...

"The Globe's Peter Abraham notes: "Not since 1934 have the Red Sox fired a manager after only one season.""

Wasn't Joe Kerrigan fired after way LESS than one season?

allan said...

Maybe interim managers don't count. 1934 seems appropriate since many of the years shittier than this one were from that general time period.

Jere said...

I thought about the interim thing, because I remember him being that at first, but from what I looked up, he supposedly had a multi-year deal, then the new ownership came in, Cubbage became interim, before they finally hired Grady.

9casey said...

I almost feel bad for him.. No one besides Nick and Larry actually thought this would work. But the team they fielded to start the season should have never played that bad. I know we had injuries, so did alot of teams. I just don't understand why players of that caliber were so awful. Makes no sense...

Who does everyone want as the next manager. I know they want Farrel, which I dont get.
I wonder if Dave Martinez will be interviewed or maybe the paw sox manager, who knows. They would't bring the greatest manager in Red Sox history back would they?

Amy said...

I am happy to see him go and never thought he'd work out. But unfortunately this is only a small part of the problem. Let's see what the geniuses in the FO can do to build a real team.

Anonymous said...

Incredible...as in "there was nothing credible about your management of this ballclub"?

Benjamin said...

I almost feel bad for him

He's still drawing a paycheck next year from the Sox. He'll do okay.

9casey said...

I saw that Mike Lowell and Brad Ausmus were possibles, but that they really want John Farrel..

Pokerwolf said...

Hopefully, this time ownership will listen to Cherington's recommendations for manager.

Rob said...

Even Gump lasted more than one season.

hrstrat57 said...

Bobby V. has $2M reasons to keep his mouth shut....we shall see if he can do it!